Introduction: Losing weight is not an easy task. It will take pure determination and 100% dedication if you want to be successful. These steps are challenging but it will help you in the long run. The hardest part would just be the beginning, but overtime, you will eventually adapt to the change and things will get easier.

1. Do Some Calculation

Calculate your current BMI and figure out your weight goal. Many websites online will provide you a BMI calculator for free.

2. Elimination of Junkfood

Open up your cupboards and counters and clean them out! This is one of the hardest parts of changing your diet because your mentality is not flexible enough to embrace this process: the extermination of your favorite snacks. If you skipped this step, you can still lose weight, but it will take longer. Get rid of all of the junkfood from the kitchen and throw them away. If you are hesitant to dump them in the garbage, give them to somebody else, perhaps throw a simple snack party but you have got to resist the temptation! Leaving stored unhealthy food where they are will more likely lead you to the state of “giving in”. This is difficult, but you will eventually learn to overcome this process. And without seeing them in your kitchen, the less likely that you consume them.

3. Make Shopping List

Unhealthy eaters tend to just stroll around in the grocery store and picking anything they see appealing without paying any attention to the nutrition information. This is a test for you. If you are truly determined to lose weight, then you will have to pass this challenge. Ignore what is stacked up on the sides of the junkfood aisle and go straight to your destination- the produce section. Unhealthy food are usually the ones that come in package. Make the list at home. Chances are you are more likely going to enumerate the healthy choices of food.

4. Start Cooking

Cut down on eating out in restaurants. You would save so much calories by eating at home considering that most restaurants try to make their food as tasty as possible- that means more calories are piled up. Cooking is not only an advantage to your diet, it is also an enjoyable hobby. Avoid frying you food for this will overpower the health benefits of the food and adds more fat to your meal.

5. Drink Water

Even the smallest detail can make a big change in your diet. That includes sweetened drinks like juice and carbonated drinks like soda. If you eliminate that from your daily consumption of drinks and replace them with water, you would save a lot more calories. And plus, because of the ingredients, drinks like sodas actually dehydrates your body causing you to drink more. Make water your new best friend.

6. Eat often
That’s right! Eat more often but in small portions. Eating 3 big meals a day will weaken your daily metabolic rate. Digestion is a big part of your body’s metabolism. If you keep it working throughout the day, the faster your metabolic rate will be. And this method will not leave you feeling hungry at all. Eat whenever you’re hungry, but do not consume too much. Eat enough food to satisfy hunger and drink water.

7. Plan your meals

Enumerate your meals for the day and watch the amount of each meal including the calories. Eat natural growing foods and lessen the processed ones. In addition to that, studies have shown that unprocessed food actually take longer to digest resulting to a fuller feeling.

8. Pack your own snacks

If you are away, do not rely on vending machines for snacks. Packing your own snacks saves you two things: money and calories. Arrange snacks that will keep you full for a long period of time such as a half of a turkey sandwhich with lettuce and tomato on 100% whole wheat bread. Satisfaction concludes to a longer time until you feel hungry again, saving you more calories.

9. Move Around

Performing small tasks that are not considered “exercise” still makes a difference. Just doing anything physical in general can increase your metabolic rate. A few examples would be taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, parking far from your destination will force you to walk, cleaning your house or just simply rearranging your decorations.

10. Exercise

It is possible to lose weight without exercising, but it will take very long and chances are, people feel discouraged about the time spent in their diets with just a few or no results. Exercise and a healthy diet are the two must-haves in losing weight. Exercising will boost your metabolism big time. Why? If you exercise, you build more muscles, and muscles help rev up your metabolic rate. The best known forms of exercises in losing weight are aerobic and cardio workouts.

Conclusion: If you simply follow these steps, you should be on the right track. All it takes is your full effort and consistency.

Warning:  Although temptations such as desserts are hard to resist, do not consume foods with artificial ingredients or sweeteners unless you are diabetic. Zero calorie sugar substitutes are harmful to your body. It does more damage than benefit so do not replace the real ingredients as your way of indulging pleasure without the guilt. Treating yourself with your favorite food once in a while won’t harm. However, do not make unhealthy foods a regular reward for your hardwork.  


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