Need more help to discover what it means to have true success?

These tips may help you to do that....

  Having wandered along a path of self discovery and learning myself, I have picked up some tips along the way that when applied, can make drastic change to your life in any area. Looking to shed a few pounds, get a new job or career, rise earlier in the morning, eat better quality foods, get more sales in your job or anything. These tips may just help you as they do with me even on the smallest level. 

1: Discover your purpose

  What is it that really drives you, what are you here on earth for? What do you want to be remembered as when you're not around anymore? Asking these big picture questions can sometimes help you live your life more closely to your core values and hence push more success into your life. If you are against animal cruelty for example, yet work in a sales job for a company that uses battery hens "just for the money" then you might find yourself unhappy but not know why. Looking deeper into your core values my help you find a big enough reason to overcome the pain of quitting that job and finding a career that's much more aligned with your beliefs. This alone will leave you felling happier you will become much more succesful in a job you love than one you do for money. 


2: Ask better questions

  Sometimes in life we restrict ourselves purely by not thinking and being bold enough to ask good questions, some of use don't even question anything and just go along with whatever we are told, are you guilty of this? A way to ask better questions is to ask a a deeper question.  If loosing weight is the problem, then asking "Why can't I lose any weight?" is a terrible question. Firstly its a negative statement which with anchor negative thoughts of failure and weakness and secondly answers to that question will rarely offer a solution. "Oh because your big-boned or have a slow metabolism" will not fix the problem, only give an excuse for the pattern to continue. To ask a better question or questions would be something like; "What am i doing?, What works with my weight goals, what doesn't work?" These questions can be broken down and analysed in much more a positive way than the previous questions and can be used constructively to get better results.


3: Don't get advice about a subject off someone who is not awesome at that subject.

  This one can be tricky as advice is a very contagious and free-flowing commodity, it tends to be given and not asked for in many cases but i've seen it, you have probably seen it and the gate post has definitely seen it. If you want to do better with your finances, get out of bad debt, starting earning serious cash then don't look for advice of a mate who has a ton of credit card debt, lives pay check to pay check and is frivolous with cash. Chances are if you listen to them, you'll become them. They say that the people you spend the most time with is the person you become, so whilst in you may have to listen to a relatives advice then unless they are successful at the level or higher than you want to be then go look for better mentors! 

4: Find like-minded people in your area and meet often.

  This one is a big one! If you want to break out from the crowd and start a new business, convert to organic food, go vegan, give up work and travel the world, learn a new skill or anything other than the norm then you are guaranteed to come up against fire from you peers, relatives and friends. They just wont get it, and will become fearful of what you want to do. This can become devastating for your success, even if you've just decided to become more productive at work, your colleagues will not like it and try to pull you back down to their level. This is where a group of people with the same mindset and values can be a massive help. I often attend meetings like this and the "high" that you get afterwards to smash goals and take life by the balls is amazing. Just having someone to share your issues and problems with in your chosen area is worth its wight in gold. It can be very refreshing to hear; "That sounds like an awesome idea!" rather than "Oh that wont work, I don't like that idea".

5: Get a journal and write in it.

  Writing in a journal can give you a good insight into where you are going wrong, what you are doing right and where you are going. I right 3 goals every night before bed that I have to do the next day, it's very unusual if I don't complete all 3 the next day purely because I don't want to let myself down because I've held myself accountable in some way. You'll notice that I haven't put Goals as one of my tips because I believe goals have to be linked with other things like writing them down in journals to be affective and purposeful. 

6: Be held accountable

  Ok so you've decided to give up smoking today. You've made the choice in your head and that's it, by the end of the day its been a while and your brain and body are missing out the nicotine they have been used to, so the demons come out and start playing with your mind, "One wont hurt will it, i can just have none tomorrow?". So you have one, no one knew you were giving up so no ones the wiser. Great! So you've failed but not had to pay the price of the pain associated with it. So another more effective way to tackle if your are genuinely serious about this would be to A, Write it down in your journal and log it, B: Meet up with a group and tell them about your goals, nd if you feel it would help, tell the world on the internet by starting a blog of your progress or something like that. 

  Our meetings have a goal sharing section that we tell all the members so that we can be accountable for all our goals, it makes me try harder to get them done by the next meeting that's for sure!


7: Learn more

  In order to be good at something we must first learn how to do it, then we must practice over and over to get better, we will make mistakes but we learn from them and keep going. But how often to we apply this to things in our life, what about money and finance? Why is it that people will complain like mad they have no money and find it tough to earn but don't do any learning on the subject of financial education? Our school systems will never teach you how to pay of a mortgage or get on top of credit card dept, so it's up to us to learn. By a handful of books and learn, dedicate an 1 hour a night to the subject of your choice and I assure you, you will be more succesful in that field if you are committed. One book I highly recommend for finance is Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.


8: Don't over analyse things

  Sometimes when researching something new or obtaining data for a future project we can get caught in a trap called "Analysis paralysis" where we've looked into something so much it stops up going any further and kills momentum. This can sometimes be an excuse for some not to move on but in the information age we live in there's just too much info out there to confuse us. Almost any theory, diet or business will have its share of likers and dislikers so its up to you to do thorough reasearch, know when to finish and act upon the outcome of the study. If you have seen a diet or money-making venture for example, do the reasearch, get opinions and then move in that direction with commitment. You can make almost anything work with commitment. 


9: Listen more

  Too often there is far too much talking and not enough listening, far too much ego and status building that blinds learning and better relationships. In a sales role for example listening to what the customer wants is imperative, even if they can talk the hind legs off a donkey. By listening you can understand someones story, understand whats driving them to make a purchase and get a better understanding of their personality so you can match that with your responses. No one want to hear you complain seriously! 

There is an old saying by Eric Hoffer that goes; 

“In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.”

The only way to learn is to listen and ask good questions, this alone will catapult your success.

10: Take massive action!!

  My final tip is probably the biggest, you can do ALL of the above and then some, but if you don't take the plunge and walk the plank you'll never know. Dreams will remain dreams. Just think that all you see around you, space travel, mobile phones, the light bulb were all dreams of someone at some stage and they only materialised because someone took action and did it. Even if the action is a bit of the way in the right direction its more than nothing and you'd rather 50% of something than 100% of nothing. 


So there you have it, my simple guide to more success.  I wish you success and happiness in whatever you do....

Success is like a growing plant....tough to start but beautiful when in flower