1. Know your physical health condition:Be able to know what you can and what you can not do. Observing your own metabolism and your weights is a big step for an individual person.

2. Balance diet:Eat quality and healthy food like eating lots of fresh salad, vegetables, and fruits because these are best source of fiver and no one will get fat by eating this. Always observe your plate with your proper diet and avoid eating junk food.

3. 8 glasses of waters a day: Always drink lots of water not lots of beers. Water is zero calories so this is a lot better from having your sodas or juices which contain a lot of sugars.

4. Exercise: There are a lot of forms of exercises from marathon, swimming, walking,dancing or work out and a lot more. you can also do some daily activities either outdoor or in your house, play your favorite sports like, golf, cricket, netball, tennis and so on.

5. Take Vitamins. These substances are vital for every one's life, health and wellness. It really helps to maintain our strong immune system.  Some common examples of vitamins are like: 1.Vitamin A or Carotene for our hair, and neils and it aids our immune system's eyesight, skin, bones and teeth. 2. Vitamin B1 to normalized our heart, nervouse system and muscles. 3. Vitamin C This is a very common vitamins that most people known from preventing us from cold and other viral infections. 4. Vitamin D the vitamins that we need for our skin. 5. Vitamin E most of weman uses this beacause it helps to slow the aging process of cells causes by oxidation. 6. Folic Acid a vitamin for forming red blood cells mostly for pregnant woman.

6. Stay on a positive mood: How can you be a healthy person if you are always frustrated.? Mood affects our health so stay positive and smile :-)  Mood can easily affect life from being energetic to anxiety person.

7. Relax and laugh. Always allocate time to relax. There are so many ways to relax even by your self , family or friends.

8. Have a regular physical check up. Its always been good if you know your physical health from the start. at least you have an advice from the doctor.

9. Have a goal and stay motivated. This is very importand to stay focus on what you want and what you wanna be. You have to set in your mind to stay fit no matter what.

10. Always start your day with a smile.