Making money from home is not difficult with surveys if you know where to look for the most highly paid survey sites. Miss these best of class paying sites and you will be missing one of the most legitimate ways of making money from home ever. I might want to add, that while these sites pay the best, you should register with as many companies as possible in order to ensure that you will get offers for surveys and focus groups most days of the month. When attempting to make money online from passive revenue income streams, casting a wider net to be certain of income opportunities is always best. Better to have too many options rather than too few. There are many reputable survey sites online today.

Survey Sites with High Pay

1. Test Spin is a site which conducts market research via email. You will get paid anywhere from $1 up to around $15 per survey completed with them. Some surveys are short and others are very long and the topics are always very specific and plentiful.

2. NFO My Survey is another site offering they pay by assigning points ranging from 10 to 200 per survey. You will get paid at a rate of $10 per 1000 points as soon as your account reaches the 1000 point minimum payout threshold.

3. Survey Spot has several compensation models. The first is entrance into sweepstakes or drawings with points you gain as you complete brief surveys. The second is cash compensation which is deposited into your into your Survey Spot account. Once your cash payout threshold of a measly $5 is reached (easily done with a few smaller surveys) you can request your check be mailed to you. Survey Spot has an active database and sends out many survey invitation requests daily.

4. Greenfield Online is one of the most reputable companies in the business and has been around for long time. Their survey offers are frequent and generally pay between $1-$5 for completion of the average length survey. They usually offer for very specific and narrow demographics and tend to run most surveys for brief periods of time.

5. J.D Power and Associates is another major player in the online survey / market research industry and a well established firm. The generally pay with points which, when paid out of your account are paid via Amazon gift cards. Rarely do they offer cash compensation. Although their offers are not as frequent as with some other companies, you are usually included in the surveys that they invite you to. Most are relatively short and take little time to complete for the remuneration offered.

6. Harris Interactive is still another large market research firm. You will be compensated in Harris Interactive points which you can later cash out for prizes via there catalog of items. Their surveys are easy and rarely take more than 10 minutes to a half hour to complete and you can claim prizes quickly for your efforts. I enjoy working with this company because the always have offers available and their projects tend to be more broad then their competitors.

7. Light Speed Panel is a fun company to work with because they have many current offers. Unlike other companies they will allow different household members to have an account rather than one account per household. Their surveys are brief, usually ranging from 15-20 minutes of time and pay 250 Light Speed Points. Once your account has accumulated a minimum of 1100 points, you will be able to select a prize from their catalog, or cash out your points via Paypal for the cash equivalent.

8. Viewpoint Forum is another reputable company to find paid for your opinion surveys, and allows you to accumulate points either from the completion of surveys or referral of your friends. You get paid in Forum points and most surveys pay 75 points for about 15 minutes or less of your time. You can request your payment check with just 375 Forum points and will be paid $10 for your efforts.

9. Survey Savvy is another major player in the paid market research community and has been in business for quite a while. The do a lot of consumer panel and market research studies, but offers tend to be somewhat sporadic. You will get paid in cash via mailed check. Payments will typically range from $1 to $10 per survey completed and tend to be more interesting than those I've done from other market research companies.

10. E-Rewards is my absolute favorite of the bunch. Why? They pay in with gift certificates to a huge number of retailers. If you have had your eye on something and don't want to splurge with cash, here is your excuse to do a little extra work and then go shopping! The E-Rewards group sends a lot of work your way and the pay tends to be quite high for only minutes of your time. E Rewards has some of the shortest surveys for the highest pay anywhere online. The key with them is to do everything they send you to keep getting offers. If you don't get your surveys done quickly your invites will drop off sharply. I love this site; they are truly the best out there for making great incentives for not working through miles of detailed questions.

If you are looking for legitimate top paying survey sites, start with this list first. All are credible survey companies, who offer relatively high compensation for your time and efforts. I usually scan my inbox as much as 4 times throughout the day during business hours looking for new offers and pick and choose the ones I want. Getting multiple offers is the way to make true legitimate income with online survey sites. The more offers you get, the more you have to choose from, it is that simple. Having too many offers is never a problem for me. If I get more than I can or want to do in one day, I start with the offers or companies I like the best and work from there.