moving houseMoving house is never easy, whether you hire a professional removals firm or just draft in your friends and do it yourself. Most people have heard the statistic that moving house is one of the most stressful things most of us will do in our lives and while possibly not that scientific there's no doubt it is indeed rather stressful! However, here's a few tips that can make you move successful, less of a hassle and hopefully a little more organized.

One tip to help with you move is to be sure to make up a list. Make sure that this list is made up of numbers and has a space to write in the contents of each number. Keep this numbered list everywhere you go as you begin packing up the boxes. Keep a special place for this list—perhaps on a desk or table where you keep other vital components of a move such as box tape, labels, marking pens and other necessities for your move.

Next, make sure you buy plenty of boxes. Before you know it you will have many boxes filled with clothes, tools and other items. To prevent many trips to the U-haul or other type of moving supply store, stock up on many small, medium and large boxes. In addition, tip #2 is: be sure to purchase wardrobe boxes. These boxes are tall and work well with such items as pillows, comforters, blankets and other kinds of clothes that need to hang. It is also advise before using these kinds of boxes to look at your closets carefully, measure the clothes you have, so you will know how many to get.

Tip #3 is: think about having some or all of your boxes delivered to your new place a day or so ahead of time. If this option doesn’t sound good for you, put several boxes with clothes and items you will need for the move—such as clothing and certain things for the bathroom and kitchen—in a certain area of your home.

Tip #4 is: make sure these items stay in one place and then take them to your home the day before the move. By having personal items of clothes and such items as a coffeepot, several dishes, paper plates and paper cups—you will be functional and ahead of things—for the move.

Tip #5 is: create a color for each room in your home. Having different colors will help you unload your boxes according to each individual room. This will help the movers and will especially help you. For more information on moving check out van hire.

Tip #6 is: by keeping certain items together will help greatly when it’s time to unpack. For instance, keep light bulbs and extension cords with lamps and small appliances and dishes and cups with other kitchen accessories like tablecloths and placemats.

Tip #7: Packing ahead of time will save you time and aggravation on moving day. In addition, if you need to clean out your former home before leaving, put together in a box what you will need such as cleaning supplies, cloths, sweeper and other needed items.

Tip #8: Clean what you can ahead of time such as window and ovens and as the movers take things from each room, do some cleaning.

Tip #9 & 10: Begin your move preparations early!