Time Management Tips

How To Manage Your Time Well

Is it time we manage or ourselves?  The secret to time management is to identify where we waste valuable minutes each day and to develop strategies to harness these ‘nooks and crannies’ of time and to stay more in control and free of stress.  These 10 top tips for time management demonstrate that the efficient management of time can lead to a much enhanced quality of life and is therefore a key component in our overall happiness.

So here are my 10 top tips for time management:

  1. Don’t attempt to do too much.  Today people want everything done RIGHT NOW.  Does it need to be done right now?  If you rush a task you are in danger of making mistakes and not accomplishing what you set out to.
  2. Prioritise.  What exactly are your priorities for the day?  Not knowing this before you start can mean you get caught up in minor things and drop the ball on the important ones.
  3. Deal with interruptions.  Do you operate an ‘open door policy’ where people can just drop in at any time?  Stop it!  Or at the very least set times when this is case and other times where you are in a ‘Do Not Disturb’ zone.  Knowing where to draw the line when it comes to interruptions in your daily life is absolutely essential to your time management.
  4. The P Word.  Procrastination is a massive time waster in your day.  Stop thinking about what you have to do, stop talking about what you have to do.  Just get on and do it!
  5. No.  Nah.  Nut. Naw. Nee.  Whichever language you use, saying NO is something you need to get used to.  Ok so you are worried you will upset the other person.  But what if that person is just dumping their stuff on you and shirking their responsibilities.  They are robbing you of the time you need to complete your tasks and responsibilities.  Don’t get stressed out, just say NO.
  6. Clutter.  How much time do you spend looking for things you need to get the job done?  This is a shocking waste of time and can be easily remedied with a tidy up.
  7. Deadlines.  It is amazing how a deadline will give you the extra energy and push you need to get a job done.  Even if you have not been given a deadline, create one for yourself.  Stick with it and you will see much better results.
  8. Emails and phone calls.  Are you addicted to checking your email or voicemail?  Set specific times of the day to check both and stick to these times.  It takes a lot of mental effort to return to a project once you have interrupted it by taking a call or reading an email.
  9. Plan your day.  Use a planner to set out your day in advance.  There are many available planners out there but if you don’t want to purchase any additional software then just use Outlook. 
  10. Don’t multi-task.  Contrary to opinion, multi-tasking is not a good thing.  This is an inefficient way of managing time.  Finish one project before moving on to the next.