These are just a few of the many toys and games that are available   for your child.

1.  Pizza Mania Early Math Game

Children love pizza. What better way to teach them math skills than with a pizza game?  The great thing about this math game is that it is electronic.   There are two levels to this game.  This particular game received the Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Children’s Products Award.  Recommended for children ages 4 and up.   This games sells for $24.95

2.  Vetch Tote and Go Pink Laptop

Girls will just love this laptop. They can enjoy playing and learning at the same time.  Choose this pink laptop to  help improve their skills with numbers, logic, and there are many games for them to play.  This laptop only sells for $26.50.  Your child will feel oh so special.  

3.  Kids Play Card Holders

When your kid plays Uno or another card game, have you noticed that they have difficulty holding the cards.   Their fingers and hands are just so little.   The Kids Playing Card Holders will end that awkwardness. They can select up to 15 cards which is what the card holder will display.   I would have liked to have had this game when I was a child.  It only sells for $9.95.  

Electronic Rubiks CubeCredit: Wikipedia.orgXbox 360 Game ConsoleCredit:


4.  Electronic Rubik’s Cube

This is a game that children and adults can play.   This electronic voice will challenge players to a variety of games.   I like the Multiplayer Madness game.   It is similar to “passing a hot potato.”   The player must press the colored button that lights up and then pass it to the next player.   The time decreases with each pass.  The last person holding the Rubik’s cube is the winner.   This is a game that helps build motor skills also.  Don’t worry if you forget to turn the game off.   If it has not been in use after several seconds, it will automatically turn off.  How convenient.   Why not shop from your seat and not from your feet? This can be ordered online.


5.  Xbox 360  Games

The Just Dance 3 is a great way to have fun and get plenty of exercise at the same time.  Combine pleasure with health fitness.  It sells for $39.99.  It has the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) to make sure video games are appropriate for your family.

6.  Dora Explorer Online Games

Princess Kai-Lan’s Super Matching Game is an online game that 5-year-olds and older seem to enjoy.  They can match different items and colors.  There are many games available such as  Mega Music Game, Music Video Mixer Game, Exploring Isa’s Garden, and much more. These games are both challenging and motivational.  These games are  played online for FREE.

7.  Hedbanz for Kids board game

In this particular game you do not know who you are, but everyone else does.  You need to guess who you are.  This will definitely get kids to thinking.  It only sells for $9.88. You can order online or pick up at a store that is near you.  This is an awesome game.  

8.  Playskool Popping Park Elefun Busy Ball Parker

This toy is  found at Toysrus. It only sells for $24.99.  It plays 10 tunes and blows the balls up into the air.  This is a great toy for eye and hand coördination of children.  It is oh so colorful also. 

 9. Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

This kitchen actually looks like mom’s kitchen.  It has a microwave and stove too. For ages 3 and up.  The burner has electronic sounds.  The kids should will love this.
It also has electronic cooking sounds, just like the “real deal.”  It is selling for $79.99

10.  The Mickey Mouse Tub Full of Games

Can you believe this is a tub full of 7 games.  Tic Tac Toe, Bingo, and 2 card games are just a few of the games. This is a great deal for only $19.99.