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10 True and Extreme Horror Stories of Fishing and Camping

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Fishing and camping is suppose to be a fun recreational activity; however the following stories help to illustrate the extreme dangers and stupidity that some people are forced to endure when going camping and fishing. The stories below are all true and based on newspaper archives. After reading these fishing and camping horror stories you may decide that you never want to drink alcohol when you are fishing and camping.

10. Bass Fishing Shotgun Deaths

10. Bass Fishing Shotgun Deaths
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fritography/5798672866/

In 1984 Tyler, Texas and other areas were home to one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the Bass Tournaments. Prizes were as high as $50,000 and these fishermen knew no boundaries. They started off by capturing large Bass in Florida and the transporting them to Texas. The Bass removed from Florida were kept alive by placing them in iced coolers with water. The night before the tournament would begin some of the fishermen invoked would secretly release the Florida Bass into the Texas waters where the Bass fishing tournament was to take place.

The story takes a tragic turn. Danny Ray Davis had won one of the Bass Tournaments and received a check for $50,000. Danny Ray Davis actually finished in third place; however the top 3 finishers were both disqualified after they were forced to take lie detector tests. The lie detector showed that the top 2 finishers had both caught fish from Florida in the Texas Bass fishing tournament. The fish were checked and biologists were able to prove the fish were from Florida. Investigators looking into the reported scam had subpoenaed Danny Ray Davis to testify. Before he could testify he was killed by a shotgun blast. Another potential witness freaked out and was worried that he too would be killed.

Come to find out that Danny Ray Davis was also given a lie detector test and the results were not very good. It appeared that Danny Ray Davis may have been in on the scam also. For some reason the Bass that Danny Ray Davis caught at that tournament were never tested to see if they did come from Florida or not. Other fishermen believed he was a con artist and he was banned from other fishing tournaments.

9. Vice President Cheney Shoots a Lawyer

In 2011 then Vice President Dick Cheney was quail hunting in Texas. Somehow Vice President Cheney accidently shot Harry Whittington who was hunting with him. Harry Whittington was a 78 year old lawyer. Both men said the shooting was accidental; however the media and late night television shows had a field day with this incident. A few hours before he shot Whittington the Vice President had admitted to drinking a single beer. A single beer would not have made Dick Cheney drunk; however all members of the hunting party were wearing bright orange and the only logical explanation is that Vice President Dick Cheney had a good buzz going on and was not seeing straight. Did Cheney lie about only having 1 beer? Maybe he was guzzling a 6 pack down a beer bong like a frat boy? Who knows the actual details but this story will go down in the annals of our history?


8. Dead Man Floating

8. Dead Man Floating
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adc/415465981/in/photostream/

In 1983 a couple of buddies were fishing off a boat on the Intracoastal Waterway. 59 Year old Earl Allen fell overboard and disappeared. Rescuers frantically searched the area for Allen. Over 1 ½ hours later the Coast Guard found Allen floating face down in the water. Obviously he was dead and a simple fishing trip had turned very tragic.

One of the Coast Guard guys leaned down to pull the body in and he felt Allen move. When he was pulled onboard the Coast Guard Boat he sat up and spit water out. He was alive. Allen remembered nothing except for hitting the water and then getting pulled out. Nobody has any idea how long he actually floated face down but it was truly a miracle that he was alive.


7. Killer Swans

7. Killer Swans
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/garyrobson/2947299385/

In Indiana during 1982 there had been reports of Swans attacking people. Lowell King went out for a day of fishing in his small boat. Authorities believe that he got too close to the Swan nests and he was attacked by Swans and died. He had bite marks from the swans on his body.


6. Fishing Excursion Collides With Submarine

6. Fishing Excursion Collides With Submarine
Credit: http://www.mlit.go.jp/jmat/monoshiri/judai/60s/60s_nadasio_1fuji.htm

In 1988 a Huge fishing boat called the Fuji Maru was chartered for a day of fishing. The 92 foot boat carried 48 people that day and they were excited to be doing some deep sea sport fishing off the coast of Japan. There were 39 people aboard to fish and there were 9 crew members of the boat aboard. The Japanese submarine Nadashio collided with the sport fishing boat. The boat immediately sank. 30 People aboard the boat died.


5. Death Row

5. Death Row
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pwbaker/979543145/in/photostream/

In 1987 Jimmy Glass was getting ready to be electrocuted to death in the Electric chair. He had been sentenced to death for killing 2 people in 1982. Right before he was to die the Warden asked him if he had any final words and Jimmy Glass replied “Yeah, I think I’d rather be fishing.”


4. Woodchuck Hunting

4. Woodchuck Hunting
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomsaint/2967623823/

In 1967 George Petersen was on a hunting vacation In Idaho. He had traveled to Idaho and was hunting woodchucks near a Prison. As he waited for woodchucks to come into view a truck crashed through the prison fence. 2 Prisoners were attempting to escape prison and had stolen a truck that was in the Jail and crashed through the fence. Without hesitating Petersen ran down the hill and apprehended the 2 would be escapees. This one is not really a tragic story unless you were one of the convicts attempting to escape; however a feel good story helps to break up all of the nasty stuff that has happened so far on the hunting and fishing trips.


3. The Lynching

In 1901 in Bartow, Florida, a white lady named Rena Taggart went out on a small rowboat fishing by herself. A black man was fishing off of the bridge. As Taggart approached the bridge she stopped the boat and got off. She anchored the boat up and then began to walk home. Another black man named Fred Rochelle was hiding and he grabbed Taggart. She screamed and attempted to run away but Fred Rochelle caught her and sliced her throat. Rochelle asked the man on the bridge what he should do with the body. The man on the bridge was scared and said to just leave it there. Rochelle took the body and waded out into the water and dumped it.

Authorities began looking for Rochelle when the crime was reported about an hour after it occurred. Rochelle was captured and brought into the authorities by some black gentlemen whom he had encountered. The police were very concerned about a lunch mob attacking Rochelle. A crowd had gathered at the jail but the authorities were able to get Rochelle safely into a cell. Extra deputies were at the jail to protect him from a lynch mob; however the jail was soon overran by the mob. The mob of angry white people drug Rochelle out of his cell and dragged and carried him to the spot near the bridge where Taggart had her throat sliced. A Stake was put into the ground and Rochelle was chained to it and then the mob soaked him with kerosene. He was lit on fire. After 15 minutes the body was completely burned and then the mob dispersed.


2. Zoo Poaching

2. Zoo Poaching
Credit: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2603/4083777928_e3b4cc2855.jpg

Sumatran Tigers are very rare in the Wild. The zoo officials at the Taman Rimbo Zoo were grateful that they had a rare Sumatran Tiger on display. The Taman Rimbo Zoo was working to help build up the number of Sumatran Tigers in the World and keep them from becoming extinct. In 1992 the Sumatran Tiger was donated to this zoo to help them with their conservation efforts and to fight illegal poaching and trafficking of this very rare tiger breed. They named the tiger “Sheila”.

In 2009 some poachers scaled the zoo fence after hours and drugged Sheila. They then killed her and took almost every piece of her. The only remaining parts were a few rib bones and some guts. The hide of a Sumatran Tiger is worth a lot of money on the black market. Hunting can be a fun sport and helpful to the natural habitat of the animals you are hunting. Hunting at a zoo is never appropriate. Killing an endangered tiger at a zoo is one of the most horrifying and troubling poaching crimes of all time.


1. Dead Deer Beats Man

1. Dead Deer Beats Man
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fuzzcat/98855666/in/photostream/

In 1965 George Emerson was out hunting with his family. He had just shot and killed a deer. As he went to slice the deer’s throat he keeled over and died.




Jul 4, 2012 7:09pm
Wow-what an upsetting but informative article--thanks. I am animal person who has worked with all kinds of domestic and exotic animals and a person who loves to fish. I dislike cruelty and plain old meaness by individuals as well as by corporations. Anyway 5 stars from me--I will also add I like Army guys--I was in during the 60s and have some great memories.
Jul 21, 2012 2:16pm
"In 1987 Jimmy Glass was getting ready to be electrocuted to death in the Electric chair."
That is an amazing sentence.

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