unique fathers day giftsSo the day is finally creeping in and you don't know what to give your dad again this year for fathers day. Don't worry, everyone is thinking about the same thing as you. What does my dad want for fathers day.

If you are me you pretty much just ask him what he needs or wants and get it for him. But I understand that some of you want to go all out for this day, because obviously your father is you life! I appreciate my dad a lot and I believe every father or father figure deserves this day for sure.

I know how hard some fathers have had it so I can only imagine how good it feel to have this day commemorated to them.

So what to what we were talking about. What do I buy him? Where can I buy a unique fathers day gift? It all depends on what you consider unique, so this is what I came up with for all the unique fathers out there. I went on amazon.com and looked all over to see what would be something funny, creative and unique for my dad.

  • Fred 12-Ounce Pick Your Nose Paper Cups, Pack of 24- these were hilarious I thought. Its really hard to explain what they do, you just have to check them out yourself. You will laugh out loud.
  • "A Message For My Father" (From A Daughter)- something very special. If you like poems this is definitely one that you and your father will appreciate on fathers days. Try not to cry.
  • Wagan IN2514 Heated Massage Lumbar Cushion- For a father that is hard working and has back or neck problems this is a nice unique gift.
  • Daddy's Diaper Changing Apron*- Unique New Dad Gag Gift- Baby Shower Gift Idea- I kind of got a kick out of this one. I'm sure some of you ladies would love to see your dad taking care of business.
  • Luminox 3901 Swiss Watch US Navy Seal Dive Watch 3901 – Fathers Day Gift- you know how hard our soldier fight for us over seas. They deserve more than just a kiss and a hug. A good soldier would appreciate this one. Any dad loves a watch.
  • Father's Day/Forget Paris- Watch fathers day with your dad. Sometimes is not about the material, just you showing up might be the best gift ever.
  • Navy blue ties for men striped- This never hurt anyone. If your dad is a business man you know he'll love it. Nothing more a business man likes.
  • TaylorMade Men's Burner 460 Ti Driver- take him out to the course for 18 holes and few cold ones. Plus he'll get to enjoy the clubs more than a dinner, since its summer.
  • SOG Specialty Knives and Tools BL-03 Bluto 2.25-Inch Knife with Black Handle, Satin- a dad that loves to hunt or fish, will definitely appreciate something of his hobby.
  • This one is probably the most unique fathers day gifts you can get for him. A brand new audi R8, its only 118K and your dad would just be totally happy.

Obviously I was just playing around with the last one, but hey if I was I dad I would definitely be happy.

So all these are great gifts for a father, but the gift that will last forever, that's intangible is your love. A son and daughters love is unconditional, as parents love. Enjoy this day! Gift your that the most unique fathers day you can give him.