10 Unique Wall Clocks

10 Unique Wall Clocks

You probably remember our May list of pocket watches for men. Well, this month is time to make a top of ten of the most creative wall clocks you can find. As you already know by now, we’re going to make a short introduction about the clock itself. A piece of complex instrument to show the time is what would shortly describe this device. The etymology of the word has roots in the Celtic words clagan and clocca - “bell”. Languages that had an impact on the word’s final form (in English, of course) were Dutch, Northern French and Medieval Latin. Another interesting fact is that the clock is one of the oldest human inventions, as people always felt the need to measure time in terms of day, month and year. With that said, let’s kick-start our list of ten unique wall clocks.

10. Vinyl Record
Our first choice is a custom made wall clock with a superb design as it uses the original REO Speedwagon album “Hi Infidelity”. It’s roughly twelve inches in diameter and is powered by batteries while working on quartz movement. Last but not least, the shiny metallic gold numbers and hands are giving it that old-school look everyone loves.

9. Chain And Gears
The chain and gear wall clock is a great addition to any enclosed space. It features an amazing industrial design highlighted by an old engine gear which suffered a complete transformation. Who knew that old car parts can be used in such a innovative manner.

8. Geek Clock
Our list of ten unique wall clocks continues with a geek-oriented product. Unless you really focused on math classes it’s nearly impossible to guess the time unless, of course, you use your logic and visual memory. Isn’t it wonderful to know science?

7. Whatever Wall Clock
If this one doesn’t rip a smile from your visiting friends or colleagues I really don’t know what will. The “Whatever” wall clock is a perfect gift for people with a taste of humor. What time is it again? Oh, wait … the numbers fell off! No need to argue that I’m not punctual anymore.

6. Trace Of Time
Are you a forgetful person or just want to surprise your beloved with a heart drawing at a particular time? Or why not schedule a meeting by simply writing with a marker on this seriously awesome wall clock? Then you’re in luck because this is exactly the highlight feature of this Trace Of Time timing device.

5. Save Time
The designer of this clock really gave a new meaning to the maxim “saving time” or, why not, “time is money” as the clock not only shows time, but also helps you save money with its piggy bank look. Unless you really need the coins inside it, we don’t recommend breaking it. A black hole may appear.

4. Moon Clock
People’s fascination with the Moon is as old as time itself. Now you can bring it inside your very own room with this superb clock designed especially for all of us who love Earth’s natural satellite. The clock’s face is protected by a glass while at night you will see a ambient lunar glow.

3. Color Blind
Number three out of ten unique wall clocks is especially designed for colored-blind people. If you look a little closer you will that numbers are placed every three hours. So, bottom line is: if you see the spots you’re a pretty healthy person! Warning: do not look at it after a long night with the boys.

2. Clock With Attitude
Are you a person with an attitude and want a wall clock just the same? Here’s one for you! The clock’s dial is four inches in diameter while the minute hand is 4 1/2 inches long with a nine inch diameter span. Not only they will show you the time, but also chase away any flying insects around it!

1. Inspiring Time
Our last product in the list of ten unique wall clocks is this creative timekeeper with a folk-art look that reminds us of past times. The clock features dozens of small colorful squares with superb patterns. It was created by the established artist Sarah Grant. The clock is hand-painted and measures 36 inches across.