As any experienced parent knows, the duties of carrying for a newborn are more exhausting and time consuming than expected or imagined. The diaper changes, feedings, burbings, and bathing are needed 24 hours a day, often making it impossible to do anything else, like cook dinner or do a load of laundry. If you want to give mom and baby newborn gifts that stand out, let your friends buy off the gift registry and you can give one of these unusual baby gifts instead. If mom is experienced, she will know the value of the gift. If the mom is new, she will quickly learn the value of these best baby shower gifts.

101 Batteries

Ok, maybe not 101 batteries, aim for giving 200 batteries as your baby shower gift. All that baby gear, from the swing to toys, require batteries. And you never know which battery powered baby gear will be baby's favorite and a sleep saver for mom. Inevitability the baby swing or heartbeat noise maker will stop working when baby and mom need a good rest after pulling an all-nighter. If mom doesn't have the right size batteries, this may cause a panic. Buy the largest packs you can find of every battery size from AAA to D and 9-volts to give as your unusual baby gifts.


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Frozen Dinners

Find out how large the parent's freezer is and fill it with as many frozen dinners as you can that only require heating up in the oven or microwave. If cooking that many meals scares you, buy from a place that sells premade frozen dinners (and some deliver) such as Dinner My Way, Magic Kitchen, or Dream Dinners.

Maid Service

Give a gift card to a local housecleaning service. Once baby is born, dusting, vaccuming, and toilet cleaning are last on the to do list. Having a house cleaner will reduce the worry of having a clean house when family and friends stop by to meet the new family member.

Potty Training Supplies

This may seem like one of the most unusual baby gifts to give at a shower, since it's standard in the U.S. for parents to not concern themselves with potty training until closer to age three. However, most of the parents in the rest of the world are thinking and even doing potty training at the infant stage as a normal part of caring for their infant. To introduce the idea, give a potty seat that will support an infant, small sized cloth training pants, and a book to introduce the concept such as Early-Start Potty Training by Linda Sonna, Ph.D. or Diaper-Free Before 3 by pediatrician Jill M. Lekovic.

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Depending on how close you are to mom, you can give a gift card to a retailer such as Shutterfly or Snapfish where mom can create a photobook of her newborn, or you can make the photobook yourself. If you are making the photobook, collect as many photos as you can from the parents during the first six weeks of baby's life. Then you can make a photobook that tells the story of his or her introduction into the world starting from birth. If you can, include photos of the nursery, his birth day, and family members that came to meet him in those first few weeks.

Hire a Private Newborn Photographer

You can never take too many pictures your new baby. However, the mall photo studios rarely capture baby's personality and are often cliché; every baby from those mall studios has the same set of photos. Instead, find a local photographer that will come to the house. These photos will be much more breathtaking and easier for the family to get to since they don't have to leave the house. Also, many baby photographers have first year packages. You can pay the photographer to take pictures of baby throughout his or her first year. You can put the gift certificate in a new picture frame for the party.

Shellac Manicure

Finding a sitter and taking time to go to the salon after baby is born may be impossible for several weeks. However, new moms still want to feel like more than a milk machine and diaper changer. Give the new mom the gift of a Shellac manicure and pedicure just before baby is due. These manicures and pedicures last for 14 days, and sometimes longer. It will be a treat for her during delivery and after when long salon appointments are out of the question.

Scrapbook of the Baby Shower

If you are crafty, then make a memory scrapbook of the shower. Include the best baby advice comments, photos, games played, an invitation, and pieces of the decorations. This may not be one of the more usual baby shower gifts, but it will be a favorite.

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An In-home Massage

Like the salon visits and manicures, leaving the house for a much needed massage will be next to impossible. So give a gift card to a masseuse that comes to the house. Taking care of mom (and don’t forget dad!) is both a mom and baby newborn gift.  


Everyone offers to help with the newborn baby, but few actually take the initiative to babysit in those first few weeks making this an unusual baby gift. And with breastfeeding, mom may not be able to leave her newborn for more than an hour at a time. If you can handle a newborn for an hour, then put the commitment to babysit as your gift in writing. Then when baby is born and you know mom needs a break, call to schedule your babysitting hour. Don’t wait for mom to contact you, as she may be too tired to remember or not want to impose.

All of these baby gift ideas work for a boy or girl. And they are unusual enough that your gift is likely to be remembered and favored by the baby shower honoree.

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