Even among all the i-gadgets Apple has created, the Amazon Kindle has staying power.  The eReader provides a convenient way to read books in a light, compact device.  Amazon's new Kindle Fire only adds to the mix of eReaders available on the market.  Although the new Fire is much more than an eReader, the original Kindle is best known as an electronic book reader.  

The Kindle was designed as an electronic reader, but there are more uses for the Kindle than reading digital books. Here are 10 uses for the Kindle that you might have not known or thought about.

1.) Internet Browsing. The browser on the Kindle is basic and not all that elaborate (or in color). However, with a FREE (at the time of this writing) 3G network, it can be handy in some circumstances. Without access to a Wi-Fi connection, the gadget is a simple solution for checking emails or basic websites if you do not have a data plan with your other mobile devices.   The Kindle Fire does offer much more elaborate browsing comparable to a mobile device browser.  

2.) MP3 Player. The Kindle has a headphone jack for listening to music or audio books. You may even find a Podcast that you can plug in to. It is perfect for listening to audio without having to carry around an extra device. This is certainly not practical while running outside, but can be used while on an indoor cardio machine.

3) Text To Voice Reader.  Even though eye strain doesn't occur as reading on a computer screen does, there are times you may not want to read your Kindle. The text to speech option will read the information aloud. Although the voice is a typical computer-generated sound, it's still a useful function to have for certain situations.

4) Note Taking. This is one of my favorite features!  As a writer, reading often triggers ideas.  Instead of scribbling in a book, you can take electronic notes as you read. Whether you are a student, or just an avid reader, the Kindle has various features that help you add notes, highlight sentences and passages, and bookmark points of interest that you want to come back to later. You can also download these later into a text document.

5) Read PDF Files. Not all books come in Kindle format, but you can access certain files, like PDF, on your eBook reader. PDF is also universally used for sharing small ebooks and reports over the Internet. Many PDF's are not published as an ebook you can purchase, so having a device such as the Amazon Kindle lets you read them away from the computer.

6) Dictionary.  The Kindle comes preloaded with a dictionary. How many times have you been reading a book and had no idea what a word meant?  Instead of digging around for a dictionary, you may have just skipped over the word.  With the Kindle, you can look up a word right as you encounter it.  If you have the wireless on, you can also access Google or Wikipedia right on the spot.

7) Subscriptions To Newspapers And Magazines. Instead of just reading books, there are a number of traditional newspapers and magazines available as digital subscriptions on the Amazon Kindle. Although you do have to pay for this service, it's extremely convenient and you may even get access to the publications before they hit the news stands!  In addition to magazines, you can also subscribe to blogs that you read on a regular basis.

8) Organize Your Book Collection.  If you have a large book collection, it can be challenging to organize and keep up all of your print books. While some people are super organized, the Kindle makes it a snap to organize and find books.  The simple search function allows you to find things fast, and you can also organize your books based on a number of criteria.

9)  Shop For New Books. As well as providing a device for reading books, the Kindle is the perfect place to shop for new ones! As long as you have access to Wi-Fi or 3G (depending on the Kindle model you own), purchasing a book is as simple as one click through the Kindle store. In under a minute, Amazon will deliver the book straight to your Kindle.

10) Play Games! You are not going to find elaborate graphic intensive games for the Kindle. But to pass the time on an airplane or waiting room, Shuffled Row and Every Word can provide entertainment.  Look for other free Kindle games on Amazon Digital Services.

Overall, the Kindle is a must have for readers and gadget lovers. The prices continue to drop making it affordably for most people.  Besides the great selection of books, there are several other uses for the Amazon Kindle that may convince to go out and buy one today.