If you're an artist and have yet to make good money from your passion the money making info and websites mentioned in this article should help get you started in the right direction. If you're looking for how to make money as an artist, before you begin you need to keep in mind the importance of professionalism. When including images in a portfolio online or otherwise,

  •  only include your very best work
  • variate your portfolio content according to what kind of site you're dealing with as well as what kind of work you are trying to find (example: if you want to do tattoo designs you don't want to include children's illustrations)

"For Print" considerations

Another thing you want to keep in mind since you are dealing with online businesses, is that artwork produced on the computer is especially useful if it can be resized without any kind of image quality loss (pixelization, jpeg degredation). This is due to print publishing potential.

Vectorization made easy

To avoid this problem Vector based images are often preferred by clients/companies. If you mainly deal with raster based images however, fear not, depending on the tinkering time you are willing to put in and how you color your art work (color 'blocks' are easier to handle than extensive color gradations and blending) you can vectorize your jpeg artwork in a program called Corel Trace and still maintain the level of detail and quality of your original work for really awesome results. Utilizing a vector based graphic program or vectorizing your work is almost a must when finding out how to make money as an artist online now.

 Now, for the money making tips;

  •  put up a portfolio on Elance or Odesk as an artist/graphic designer/illustrator, web designers can also make great money with 99designs
  • you can set up accounts with online stock photo and image companies and submit vector based images for sale individually or earn a commission from bundled images that include your work to find these sites just google "stock photos and images"
  • you can find made-to-order product sites where you can submit artwork you've create and apply it too a line of products such as t-shirts, messenger bags, notebooks, boxes, posters, cards etc, a few of these sites are Wordans (one of my favorites) Cafepress, and Threadless and Imagekind
  • you can learn how to design tattoos and sell them to online tattoo galleries
  • you can design patterns for fabric prints and look for online textile companies that allow you to design your own fabric and textiles, once designed you can share them on site so others can buy them as well, one such site company is called Spoonflower
  •  you can put up an ad in Craigslist as an artist/graphic designer/illustrator be sure to include a few pictures of your work and a link to an online portfolio or an example site of your work (this last one if you're a webdesigner)
  •  collect your very best professional work (in the form of scans or high quality photos of your individual pieces) and put them on the web at all the major free professional portfolio websites (just google "free online portfolio"), your facebook photo gallery, myspace and so on, the more exposure you get the better, (Jennifer Lilya, a top New York fashion illustrator does this all the time) you can even put up a squidoo lens for your artwork and every time you add a new piece of your artwork you can send a squid cast to let everybody know about it
  •  add a link to your portfolios in your craiglist ads, your facebook page, and as a signature/url to any forums or blogs you visit and comment on as well as to your emails (you can set this up in your email option settings)
  •  if comics are your area of expertise you can get the OpenOffice program for free to convert your own comics to pdf files and publish them online, you can also do this with children's books as well
  •  you can submit your work to relevant online art publishing companies and invite interior decorators/designers to view your online work

Build your success

Following the tips and web suggestions given in this article on how to make money as an artist and consistently sticking with them over time is almost guaranteed to get you a good foot in the financial door. So hang in there and good luck.