Save Money On You Groceries From Today

Everyone has to eat and these days prices are going up for everything, including a trip to the grocery store. Even so, there are ways to save money on groceries if you plan ahead and use a few tips and hints. The following are 10 ways on how to save money on groceries:

1. Buy food that is currently in season

One great way to save some money and still buy nutritious foods is to buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season. If you want fresh produce, then choosing only to buy the products that are getting ripe now in your local area are usually the cheapest, and the tastiest. You can go to Farmer’s Markets and find local produce for very cheap and sometimes these markets also have cheap prices for things like eggs, homemade jellies and jams, breads, honey and more.

There is nothing like the taste of a tomato or cucumber fresh from a garden compared to the cardboard taste of one from a supermarket. So, don’t waste your hard earned cash on artificially grown and ripened fruits and vegetables, look for fresh produce or even try growing some on your own.

2. Be sure to use coupons and check sales

Another way to save money on groceries and other things at the store is to use coupons and sales. You can find coupons in newspapers, magazines, online and even join a coupon club and trade for the ones you need. If you can find a store that gives double coupons, you can save even more! Plus, some stores have customer loyalty cards that give coupons to users. You are usually allowed to pair these with manufacturer’s coupons and that saves even more money.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s expiration date on the coupons. Plus, check the coupon policy at the store as some won’t accept coupons printed on a home printer if you get coupons online. If not, some websites will mail you the coupons if you ask. Plus, you can even buy coupons for a few cents each at some websites too. This can save if you don’t want to get a subscription to the magazine or newspaper to get your coupons.

3.  Buy Store Brands or Generic Brands

You can also save money on groceries by buying the store’s brand or a generic brand of foods. In most cases, these are processed at the same plants as the more expensive brands of foods, they just change the labels. It’s a good idea to try a few generic or store brand products and see if you like them and if so, you can usually save at least a few cents or more by buying for instance, a store brand can of peas versus a national brand can of peas.

4. Buy Foods Online

Believe it or not, it’s quite possible to save money on staples and canned goods, etc., by buying them online. There are several grocery websites and you can usually buy stuff a case at a time and if you make a certain amount of purchase, you may not even have to pay shipping.

Plus, many of these places have their own coupon codes or electronic coupons and you can use these on your purchases to save even more. There are a few of these that will also let you buy fresh produce or meats, but they are only in selected areas.

5. Buy Frozen, Canned or Dried Foods

Sometimes it is best to buy products that are frozen, canned or dried instead of buying fresh foods. It could help you to save if you, for instance, buy a large bag of frozen vegetables and then only pour what you need into your cooking pan. This way you won’t have to use up a whole can and waste half of it.

These foods are also frozen or canned right at the peak of their ripeness and that holds in the nutrients.  If you can’t get fresh foods that are reasonably priced, then frozen is your next best buy, and then comes canned or dried foods. Some of the popular kinds of dried foods are nonfat milk, dried fruits, instant mashed potatoes, and some of the best frozen foods are plain vegetables, fruits and fish.

Canned foods are great as long as you don’t buy the kinds that are packed in sugary or salty liquids, as they aren’t that healthy. Look for sales on these products, which usually happen a couple times a year and stock up.

6. Buy beans and legumes

Try using things like beans and legumes at least once a week to save money on your grocery bill instead of meat at every meal. If you mix them with rice then you get a complete protein.

7. Buy cheaper cuts of meat

Meat is one of the most expensive products, so if you eat meat you should look for the cheaper cuts of meats like loins or round steak. It sometimes can be bought in large, cheaper family packs and you can portion it up and freeze it in freezer bags. Or, buy a whole chicken and cut it up instead of paying for more pricy already cut up chicken parts.

8. Buy some things in bulk

If you are sure that you have the room to store it, then you can buy some groceries in bulk, especially things like canned goods, which usually stay good for a year or more. You can also join a warehouse club or food co-op and buy foods and split them with a friend or family member.

9. Be sure to make a list

Many times the reason people spend too much at the grocery store is because they buy a lot of impulse items. You don’t think they put those candy bars and gum at the counter for nothing, did you? It is a proven fact that if you have a list and strictly adhere to that list, that you will save money on grocery shopping.

10. Price match.

Another great way to save money is to find out the store’s policy on price matching. That way you can show them the store ads from other local papers and get all your grocery products the cheapest you can all in one place. Many stores will honor this because they want you to stay a shopper at their stores. This not only saves you money on groceries, but also on gas since you won’t be driving all over town.