Building A Future!

There is many scams when it comes to making money online, and teens are especially susceptible to them. So before you agree to help your teen make money online, thoroughly research what they are doing before investing any money in it. Don't hesitate to help them if they have found something legitimate though. By helping them early you are allowing them to start building up passive income, meaning that they will earn this money for the rest of their life (not all options on this list provide passive income). Even if the teen drops their project, that ten dollars a month they earn of it will help them open up new avenues, or may just get closer to the newest video game. Most importantly though it instills work ethic in your teen that will stay with them forever, and they attain that ethic without having slave a way a minimum wage job. It a winning situation.

The 10 Ways

These are the best ways your teen can earn money online, not the easiest. These jobs will require some work and maybe even a little persuasion. Those are good skills to build. Note that these aren't all the ways, simply what I find are the safest/best. These aren't in any kind of order.

1. Start A Ebay Business

Does your teen make something of value or just have a lot of junk lying around? Well, they can sell it on Ebay! Maybe, you can even have your teen sell some of your stuff, giving them the opportunity to make a little cash. Profit margins won't be big, but it is relatively safe and will clean up your house a little.

2. Sell Articles

Is your child a budding journalist or author? Well, they can take their talents to websites ( is a good one) that will pay for their articles. It won't be much and you often can't use the article again, but if your child has a big backlog of papers that aren't published, this can be a good way to make cash quick.

3. Blogging

Does your child have a lot on their mind? Well, if they don't mind slapping it up on the internet, they can make some money from it, especially if it is a niche subject. They can get a free blog at websites like Blogger and sign up for a AdSense account in about an hour, and before you know it they will have small stream of cash coming in! If they really want to make serious money from it, they should make their self-hosted blog.

4. Create A Website

If your child is enjoying blogging, they might want to try their hand at this. This requires a little money input through the purchase of a domain and renewal once a year, plus monthly hosting, but it is probably the best way to make money off this list. They can sign up for several advertising programs and enjoy a steady stream of income.

5. Surveys

This wont provide passive income. Basically your child is paid to take small surveys on products. Beware though as these are often scams that want to steal you information, and will not make much money. You also get a lot of spam in your email. Definitely not the best choice for any teen with a creative ability.

6. Design YouTube/Twitter/Facebook Backgrounds

If your teen is good in Photoshop, this might be a good choice, even though it isn't passive income. Many people are willing to pay a nice bit of money for these, and if your teen has a PayPal and a small website/blog to run it off of, they can feed into this growing demand. You might want to watch your kids though to make sure they aren't getting ripped off or ripping other people off.

7. Infobarrel/Hubpages

Yup, you can make good money off this very website, and it's passive too. Write a few good articles and apply their Adsense account to it and they are well on their way. Safe, fun, and easy.

8. Building Websites For Others

There is a lot of money to be made in this, so much that many do this as a career. It isn't passive income though. This pretty much follows the same guidelines as designing backgrounds, except you will want to look a little more professional doing this. This may take a small investment from Mom & Dad though to buy the tools, so make sure your teen really wants to do this.

9. Sell Digital Photos

If your child takes lots of photos, they can sell them to website and stock photo companies for a nice bit of change. Most websites though take the picture and give you a cut once it is sold. Be sure to make sure your kids are selling them to a good source!

10. Do Product Reviews

Many websites ( is an excellent starting point) will pay for your opinion on the latest products. This may be pricey if you don't own the product already, but there is some good money to be made in this. Not passive income though.