What Can I Donate To Charity

The need to donate to charity is a need that most of us feel at some point in our lives. However, not all of us have the type of money Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey does to establish foundations and schools for the poor.  You have to give within your means so that it helps others, but doesn't hurt you financially.  So how can you give to charity without having to give money out of your pocket?  There are several ways you can donate to charity without having to write a check or use money at all when giving your charitable donation.


Give Away Your Old Car To Charity

If you have a car that's not running or a old car that you don't want anymore, you can donate that car to charity.  You may be able to help people fighting breast cancer or other types of cancers, veterans who need homes or other times of assistance, children who need everything, the homeless and hungry, or it may just go to benefit the organization so it can do a host of different things for others. Before donating your car to charity, you can check the legal status of the charity by checking with the IRS or your local library.  This is important, because you want to make sure you are donating your vehicle to a bonafide charity. 

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Give A Goat, Chicken, Cow or Ox To Charity

The old "give a man a fish..." saying comes into play here.  When you give goats, cows, chickens and other animals to developing countries, you are giving them a way to become self sufficient.  By giving away a goat for instance, that goat provides milk, and meat and also fertilizer for growing crops.  Give away two goats and you could help some lucky family feed themselves and have the making of a small business.  I must say, that you actually do have purchase the goat, cow or oxen through a company like Oxfam America or Christian Charities, however, the family receives the much needed help they crave.

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Motorcycles and Boats To Charity

Yes, you can also donate boats and motorcycles to charity, this works in the same way as car donation does.  If you have an old motorcycle or boat you can give it away and possible get a tax benefit for helping others. Like the auto donation, make sure the charity is actually a legal charity by checking with the IRS or going to your local library before you donate your item.


Give Away Your Coats and Clothing To The Needy

You can donate clothing and coats to the Salvation Army or even places like Burlington Coat Factory, or Kmart during the holiday seasons.  The Salvation Army has many clothing drop off boxes all over the country.  Call your local Salvation Army offices to get the location of their clothing drop off boxes.

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Give Away Books To The Poor

Just like there are drop off boxes for clothing, there are also drop off boxes for books. Also ask the Salvation Army for the location of their book drop off boxes.  Your books can go to help others either in the book form you donated it in or in another way as specified by the charity.  You can also go to the nearest library and donate your books.  The library sometimes sell these books for $1 or less in order to raise funds for specific purposes.


Toys and Bicycles To Needy Children

Kids toys and bicycles are always accepted at charities.  There are many places where kids toys are needed including hospitals and homeless shelters.  The children's toys are usually washed and given to the charity that needs them.  Your child's old toy could make a boy or girl very happy.


Recycle Old Cards To Benefit Others

You can donate your old card if you wish to part with them.  The cards are then recycled and made into new cards, the proceeds then benefit that particular charity. Realizing that old cards may have sentimental value and you may not wish to part with them, you can ask others for a card donation.  They may have cards from ex-spouses or ex-lovers or cards they don't mind getting rid of. The more cards you donate, the better for the organizations it will actually be helping.


Old Cell Phones and Other Electronics and Jewelry

You will find charities will accept old cell phones and other electronics.  There are recyclers who will pay a percentage of the worth of the device upon receiving it.  They will then refurbish the item and resell it.  They may also have the option of selling the item for parts or getting the cash for electronic scraps.  Charities who collect old cell phones and electronics will sell them to these recyclers and keep the proceeds to help with their charitable expenses. You have seen the commercials on television "Cash for gold or silver," or "Cash for your broken cell phone."

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Volunteer Your Time To Help The Poor And Needy

This is still one of the best ways to give to charity without giving money out of your pocket.  Go to a local hospital, community center, or nursing home to present yourself and ask them if they have any volunteer positions. You can also  go to volunteermatch.org, volunteer.gov or serve.gov to find charities where you can donate your time to help others.


Give Away Your Property

Ok, well perhaps this may be on the extreme side, but if you did ever want to donate your house, condo, or other property-you will have no trouble doing so.


Donate Your Old Furniture To Help Others

Donate your furniture to a homeless shelter, a church , or a local charity. Visit your nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill or visit their websites.  You can also try The National Furniture Bank Association (www.thenfba.org).  The furniture doesn't have to be old, you could be getting new furniture and need to have some where to send your old furniture. You could be moving or you could own a rental unit where the tenant abandoned their property.  As long as the furniture is legally yours to give away, then you can donate it to help others in need.




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