10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes 

If you have created a business page on facebook than your main objective for that page is to get as many likes as possible. The more likes you have, the better audience for your product. So what are 10 ways you can increase your Facebook traffic? 

Offer a refer a friend discount. The general idea is to offer a small discount off your product in return for people referring their friend to your site. You want the discount big enough to make it worth people referring but small enough to not impact your business; basically you want to still turn a profit on the product. To do this, write a status offering the discount for referrals with instructions on how to do this. So the general idea is that the “liker” gets their friend to “like” your page and writes “referred by (insert liker name here) on your wall so you know who sent them.

Run a competition. Facebook has clamped down the rules on how these can be run so make sure you check their current policies first. This one is pretty self explanatory. Basically pick a prize and advertise it through your status updates and newsfeeds as much as possible.

1000 Liker Prizes. You see this one everywhere at the moment. Nearly every business page runs one of these when they start out. The idea is to offer a prize draw as soon as you get the number of likes you want (it could be 50, 500, 5000). Plug this on your status as much as possible. It encourages people  to share your page so you get to the magic number quicker.

Put your facebook link everywhere. Add it to your flyers, posters, business cards, email signatures and twitter.

Invite your friends to like your page. You can do this by clicking the invite friends’ button on your page.

Tweet your facebook link from time to time. Offer an incentive for “liking” you.

Advertise. You can advertise on Facebook for a very cheap price. There are two objectives to choose from. You can choose to target people that are most likely to “like” you or target people that will click on your advertisement. Start with small budgets and play around with your wording and objectives until you find what works for you. Advertising on Facebook also gives you the ability to target your audience to people in the demographic you believe will most like your product.

If your page is based around a service you provide, it’s best to have a picture of you. If it’s a product use your logo or a good picture of your product.

Engage your audience by asking questions. When you ask a question people are more likely to comment on your status making it more popular and prominent in some peoples newsfeeds depending on their newsfeed setup.

Use lots of pictures in your post. These command attention better than a status alone. 

If you have any other great facebook ideas or one of these has worked well for you, please leave a comment below and thank you for sharing.