There are several ways to start your day right and give yourself a nice boost to carry on and deliver what needs to be accomplished at home, at work, or anywhere else. There is really a long list of things that you could try to make a good day. You may begin to focus with the following 10 ways.

1. Make a good combination of a loud yawn and a good body stretch upon waking up, as if announcing to a mighty power that you are back from a good night’s rest and you are ready to roll again.

2. Remind yourself of the beauty of another beginning. Each day is a new chance, after all. Let your worries yesterday stay in the past. Today, you are ready to look at everything as if you are making a fresh start.

3. Show yourself a good smile in the mirror. Wash your face, brush your teeth; do as your parents taught you when you were a child. Start a day with acts of good hygiene and cleanliness. Then smile in the mirror. Smile at yourself and see just how good you look in the morning. Appreciating yourself begins with a smile. Do not expect anyone to find ways to make a good day for you if you cannot even try to do it for yourself. Rediscover the beauty of your lips and just have a good look at beautiful yourself in the morning.

4. Exercise. Run for at least a mile a day, or at least start that way. Jog in place or do a jumping jack. Sweat it out.

5. Have a healthy breakfast. Like the elders say, “Eat like a royalty in the morning.” Fuel up in anticipation of adventures even if you have no idea how the rest of the day will turn out. You could end up bumming the entire day, but you do not know that for sure. Always be prepared. Fuel up. Besides, depression thrives quickly in an empty stomach.

6. Keep your appointments. Do not cancel unless there is a life threatening situation. Make sure to meet your appointments like a true professional and a person whose words matter.

7. If you must sit the day out, sit quietly in the morning. Bombarding your ears with the loud sound of any kind of entertainment or news will create a noise in your system. If you are reading this, you have not been having it all right lately. So take some quiet time in the morning.

8. Create something. Get a piece of paper and draw. Even if your mind tells you, no way you could draw something, insist on drawing anything anyway. Make a good day by telling yourself what you can do and forget about what you cannot do.

9. Talk to someone. Make sure that you talk to someone. Hear your own voice and feel the vibration of your inner thoughts outside your head. You are alive, you can communicate. Talk to a friend. A family. Or the shop owner within the block.

10. Write. Write your thoughts and feel each stroke of your hand as a process of living. You write your anger, write your dreams, write your fears. Write to make a good day. Write, “Today will be a good day,” repeatedly.

Try it and keep an open mind. You can make today a better day.


Two Girls Exercising at the Beach