If you have ever dated, or wanted to date, making your girlfriend smile is the greatest reward ever. When your girl smiles, you know that you touched her heart. That’s an amazing feeling! Every man should feel a sense of pride! Nothing says, “I love you” from your girlfriend, than when she smiles really big at you.

The female mind is wonderfully complex and beautiful, but surprisingly enough, it actually doesn’t take much to make the one you love, smile! Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are simple ways to make sure she knows you love her.

1. Flowers – The original way to a girl’s heart!

This is classic. But it works every time. If she is going through a sad day, flowers will always put a smile on her face and make her happy! Don’t feel like you have to get a huge bouquet or even a dozen roses. Go to your local grocery store and buy a single rose. You can even get different colors that have different meanings for the occasion. They usually wrap it up real nice! It’s a little harder in a long distance relationship, but there are delivery companies that will do it for you. Sometimes a rose says it all!

Give a girl a rose!
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2. Letters – How you communicate matters!

The “love letter!” That’s right! Now some of you don’t think you have eloquent words. That’s not true! Actually, anything you write will be eloquent and romantic to her. Romance her, and tell her that you love her think she’s beautiful. If you have Email or Facebook, you could even send a couple throughout the week that are smaller. But you’ll really put a smile on her face if you hand write a letter and seal it! This is especially true in long distant relationship. There is just something about holding a letter in one’s hands that is special!

3. Kiss her…on the forehead and cheek

Kiss her a lot! But no just to get out of it what you want! Shame! A girl knows the difference between pleasure and just being plain loved. Kissing her on the forehead makes her feel protected and safe. This is a huge desire for a woman. Now go for it!

4. Tell her she’s beautiful – this never fails!

In every woman, is a little girl just wanting to know she is beautiful. It’s built inside of her. They want to be love and cherished. When you tell her she’s beautiful, you’re saying that she doesn’t have to compare herself to the other girls, because you think she’s beautiful regardless of everyone else.

Make your girl smile!
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5. Go shopping with her - It's like a date...only more expensive

Yes, it can be dreadfully boring, but shopping is the equivalent of her watching the NFL with you. When you care about the small things that make them happy, they appreciate you! You could even turn this into a date idea!

6. Make a tradition

Make traditions in your relationship! It shows you’re a man who can plan. By making traditions you are giving stability and protection in her life. It builds trust. It can also be fun! Here are some ideas: Friday Date Night, a rose every month on the anniversary of your first date,  or a specific restaurant you both like. There are endless possibilities, use your creativity!

7. Go on a walk with her

We all know that your schedule is busy and your doing lots of “productive things,” but going on a walk with her is important for a couple reasons! First, it let’s you both slow down and just enjoy each other. It gives you the chance to hold her hand and just talk. She will smile at this and love you all the more!

8. Take her on a picnic - She'll think your romantic

This can be a very fun thing to do! Make sure you plan the whole thing! Buy the sandwiches from a good deli (or better yet, make them yourself!), find a spot, and don’t forget the potatoes chips. It might be good to scout out a location before that way your not looking for the location pretending you’re not lost. Picnics give you time to just enjoy the park or beach and each other.

Take Your Girl on a Picnic
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9. Always stick up for her - A sure way to make her happy!

This is important. If you want to make her smile, always stick up for her, especially in public. She needs to know that her man is going to be there for her no matter what! Doing this gives her a sense of protection and will make her smile not only outwardly but on the inside too!

10. Listen to her - She will love you for this!

This is huge! She generally doesn’t want you to solve her problems when she comes to you and is sad. Us men mess up on this all the time. We always have the answer, so we think! In reality she just wants us to be there for her and know that she is special! If you truely want to make your relationship last, you will listen to her!

So be a man! Make her smile! You’ll be sure to keep her for good. When you make a your woman smile you will in turn smile. Your woman will love you more for manning up and making her smile! There you are, 10 ways to make your girlfriend smile!

If you have any comments or ideas on how to make a girls smile, romantic ideas for your girlfriend, or even on how to get a girlfriend please post them below! There are many more ideas than this!