Burnout is a common problem in the workplace but it can be avoided by identifying the common ways that people get burned out.

1. Working too many hours - There is a reason why people are required to work for 40 hours per week. You can stretch the hours a little bit but beyond a certain number of hours, you start to be chronically tired and sickly. Do this for a long period and you might just end up burned out. Working overtime should be an exception not a rule.

2. Being a people-pleaser - Yes, we want to be liked but you have have to set healthy boundaries. Make sure that you are not doing work other people are supposed to do themselves.

3.  Skipping or delaying meals - Work may be very interesting at times and meals may be a sort of an interruption. Again, for whatever very important reason, this should be an exception rather than a rule. And please, don't talk work over lunch!

4.  Not taking a vacation - There is no job on earth that requires a person to show up 265 days a year. Even parents need a break. Go ahead, take a vacation, the world will not end when you do. But again, go offline and just carry a mobile phone that only family can reach you when there is an emergency.

5. Not spending time with family - Everyone has the same excuse, 'I work hard and long for my family'. But if you don't get to spend time with family, you might end up bitter and disengaged from those who matter most. Work hard, play hard.

6. Neglecting one's health - Skipping a meal, excessive junk intake, not sleeping enough - all these could affect your health. Take time to eat nutritious food and exercise. Stay away from unnecessary stress as it can lead you to overeat or have anger problems. It's not fun being sick.

7. Not having time for recreation - Everyone has a hobby or something that they find enjoyable doing. But what does it matter if you don't get to do it? Be intentional in having time for fun as this will recharge you in many ways.

8. Being a lone ranger - There is a saying, 'If you want things done right, do it by yourself.' This oftentimes lead not only to exhaustion but sometimes isolation from others. Whatever your job is, find time to  make friends at work. If this is not possible, find an interest group that you can join. And most importantly, ask for support. If you find this difficult, find someone who is looking for a mentor and be one.

9. Working throughout the night - Just like overtime, some jobs require it but again, as an exception not a rule. If you find yourself doing this constantly, something should be wrong. Someone could be doing sloppy work and you end up taking the damage. Or work is not properly distributed or probably your team is undermanned. If you are self-employed, it's probably time to hire an assistant.

10. Having unrealistic expectations - True, we want to excel but sometimes in the quest for excellence we sometimes overdo things. We set up unrealistic expectations or maybe we over-commit. Set up healthy expectations and reasonably commit.

Burnout can be avoided if you are sensitive enough to look out for the signs.

Hope this helps.