Need to make some easy money at home? There are literally hundreds of ways you can make fast cash at home and start out for free. Legitimate work at home opportunities you can start without any money are not as difficult to come by as you would expect.

What does it take to start making money from home for literally not money down? Only your willingness to work and a little creativity to get you started down the road to a wealthier life.

10 Ways to Make Easy Money from Home for Free

1. Take surveys for fast cash. Participating in online, telephone, written surveys and focus groups is one of my favorite ways to make fast cash. I am registered with fifty reputable companies online and they all shoot me an email when a project matches my demographic profile. The key is to stay organized and check your email several times a day for new offers. Marketing companies need to fill their quotas quickly in order to get their projects turned around, so these offers are generally first come, first served.

2. Incentivized sties and GPF (get paid for) sites are another great way to make money from home in your spare time. You can make money fast in a variety of ways depending on the program. I love these sites because there are always new offers and they rarely take long to complete. There are more of these sites cropping up every day, so do a search to make sure you have the most recent sites available.

3. Become a virtual assistant for making fast money from home. There are thousands of businesses online who happen to be owned by a single person to run their operations. Online businesses have a definite seasonality to their year and even the most organized of online business owners will occasionally find themselves overworked. If you are good on the phone, computer, doing research or writing, there is plenty of work assisting with various projects remotely. Check out the free job boards, free online classified ad websites and the like to look for opportunities. You can also try forums related to your skills or interest areas looking for work.

4. Become an online article writer to make quick cash. Even if you are not professional writer, you can still make a lot of money writing articles for bloggers, website owners, and small businesses needing promotion online. There are hundreds of online businesses looking for native English speakers to write either full time or on a weekly more casual basis. Wages are not high, but with a good reputation and the ability to follow directions, you will see your clientele grow rapidly. Once you are booked solid and have a good track record, rates rise from there. The more compelling your content, the higher your wages will go. Get more information on how to get started writing articles from home.

5. Write articles online for yourself. I started writing articles for Adsense revenue sharing sites a year ago and have made more money every month since. There are a number of websites online that will let you post your content for free and then share the revenues it generates with you every month. Best of all, the income is passive after the first month and grows over time with your efforts.

6. Become an Ebay Powerseller assistant. There are thousands of fulltime Ebay Powersellers that need assistance with their full time businesses. If you have knowledge in both writing and SEO writing consider hiring out your services for a fee. You will find that your skills are in demand and you will get plenty of steady work.

7. If shopping is your forte, consider becoming an online personal shopper. Online personal shoppers operate on a commission structure based on the amount of money they save their clients. A client will ask you to find the least expensive option for purchasing a specific product and state the lowest price they can find. If you can find a better deal you can charge 50% of the amount you saved. I love this strategy for those who like to treasure hunt for rare items or just love a good bargain everybody wins because you only get paid when you can deliver a savings.

8. For those who love digital photography, take and sell stock photos. There is a market for any type of photo from snap shot to professional with the Internet exploding in size everyday. Read about how to get started selling stock photography to make money from home.

9. Have a great eye for video, or are you into the wacky, tacky but true kind of humor? Post your homemade videos on any of the video revenue sharing sites for free and earn $5 per 1000 views or there about. With the rapid expansion of the Internet, there is a huge market for fresh videos. If you are creative and have an eye for the off beat you will likely find a big payoff for your short videos if you are lucky enough to have them go viral.

10. Make money blogging from home for cash. I love free blog platforms. They are a wonderful way to express yourself, and make some extra money in the process. Write about anything you like, and then monetize your work with Adsense or any other ad network. All are free to join and will put money in your pocket within a month or two of beginning your efforts. If you do not want advertising on your masterpiece, try selling physical goods through affiliate programs like Ebay or Amazon. All are great programs that will make you increasing revenues every month. The more you write the more traffic you will get and ultimately the more money you will make.

Making easy money from home for free is not a very difficult thing to do once you know your options. All you really need to do is to consider your skills and interests and then select a way of making cash that best fits those parameters. If you are a person who enjoys the safety of a steady paycheck, then look for a virtual assistant position. If you enjoy tracking down a good deal, then strike out on your own as a virtual personal shopper. With writing skills you have numerous options for making money working from home. The best way to make money from home for free is to find something you love doing that fits your skills perfectly, then work out how to get paid from doing it.