coffee can

Are you trying to do your part in recycling, but don’t really know how? If you have a can of coffee you just finished, you can start there. Save that coffee can and use it for other things around the house.
1. Make a piggy bank for your kids using your old coffee can.  Take some printer paper, stickers, foam shapes, and markers.  Cut the piece of printer paper to fit around the coffee can and let your child decorate the can.  You can even make them look like those cute piggy banks in the stores and put sayings such as “Nathan’s College Fund” or “Kristina’s trip to Disneyland.”  
2. Use your coffee can to hold all your pens and pencils.  Take a piece of paper and cut it to fit the can and decorate the way you want.  Now you never have to search again for a pen, pencil or pair of scissors.  
3.  Keep buttons and fasteners in your coffee can.  When someone in your house is missing a button, you have a place for all your buttons for an easy clothing fix.
4. Use your coffee can for toys’ small accessories.  If you have a little girl with a hundred Barbies, this will come in handy for you. Or if you have a boy who has a hundred action figures that came with a hundred little pieces.  Cut a piece of paper to fit around the can and label it Barbie’s shoes so your little girl will always know where her Barbie shoes are.  Your little boy will always know where all the little accessories to his action figures are.
5.  Clean up your basement or garage of all the little screws and nails with your old coffee cans.  You can have separate cans for all different sizes.
6.  Use your old coffee can as a gift box.  If you are giving a small gift but don’t have a box to put it in. Use your old coffee can to place the gift in.  The wrap it and put a bow on it.
7.  Give your child your old coffee can to bring outside to use to collect bugs.  Make sure you punch holes in the lid first.  Your child will be so excited catching all the bugs outside.
8.  Use your coffee cans as flower pots for your kids.  This is a great way to teach kids about gardening and how to take care of their plants. Buy some soil and seeds that they will enjoy watching to grow and remind your child everyday to water their plant and give it sunlight.  They will love watching their plant grow.
9.  Put an old coffee can in the laundry room and when you are emptying pockets you can put everything in the coffee can.  
10.  Use your old coffee can for painting projects. If you are painting and need to wash your brush to get a different color, fill your coffee can with soap and hot water.