Staying positive can be very difficult, especially when you are in the mental depths of despair with seemingly everything in your life going wrong. Here are 10 ways to help you to stay positive every day.

1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things for humans to achieve. The problem with constant hatred is it will emotionally and physically kill you. You can literally extend your expected lifespan by leading a positive life instead of one filled with anger. If you are like me then it is very easy to “hold a grudge” forever. This constant hatred towards certain people who have severely “wronged me” is hard to overcome. The best way to do it is to simply forgive these people and move on in life.

2. Focus on Positive

Focus on positive stuff instead of negative stuff. Instead of mentally defeating yourself because you look at everything that is “wrong in your life”, you should instead focus on everything that is good in your life. Focus on your kids, your hobbies, your job, or whatever it may be that you truly love.

3. Weed out Friends

If you have negative friends in your life who are not truly friends then it may be time to eradicate them from your life. If you have a so-called friend who is always causing drama and gossiping being your back then that is not a true friend. In cases like this it may be very valuable to let these people out of your life. If you do not have to focus on their petty drama all of the time then you can stay more positive in your own life.

Credit: Flickr/Sam Beebe, Ecotrust

4. Hit the Gym

Going to the gym regularly can help you stay positive. Instead of sitting on the couch at hoe crying and eating Doritos you instead can go the gym to help yourself get in shape and extended you expected life-span. I recently started weightlifting and I love it. No matter how bad of a day I have, it all changes after a good workout. I work hard with the weights and I get a natural high. I feel pumped up (even though I’m still fat)! When I leave the gym after a good workout I feel much more optimistic about my life.

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5. Laugh

Laughing is my favorite method to staying positive. You need to find humor in situations and share humor with other people. If you are feeling sad or negative then go watch some funny prank videos on YouTube. 

6. Your Needed

When you realize that you truly are needed in this World, then you can often stay more positive. Your family needs you, your friends need you, and strangers need you. There may be times where you are extremely depressed, maybe even considering suicide, and feel like you are not needed in this World by anyone. This is far from true. Even if you currently have NO friends or family at all, you are still needed. You might not know where you are needed yet but I promise you, you are needed. It may be a random interaction with a stranger where you help them out simply by carrying on a small conversation with them. It may be a simple blog post you write that changes someone’s life for the better. It may be a fat girl who is ashamed and embarrassed of her weight, not knowing that maybe you love the BBW girls. Who knows how you will change the World, but you will. Everybody does. Make you’re a positive change.

7. Heart Warming and Motivational Movies

If you are not feeling positive then don’t watch a movie with a sad plot such as Hachi: A Dogs Tale. You need to watch movies that are happy, make you laugh, and are inspirational. Instead of watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre you should try out a movie such as Rudy or The Junction Boys.

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8. Medicine and Psychology

If you are struggling with life you may have an undiagnosed condition such as being bipolar. A good counselor may be able to help find out and then they can help get you on some medicine. It sometimes takes a while because they may need to increase your medicine to even change your medicine up, and it will take a while. If you stick with the program you may find that you are no longer a “mental prisoner”. Good counseling and possible prescribed medications can free you up and help you to stay positive if you have a mental disorder.

9. Sex

This one is controversial for some people but if you are disappointed and sad because of a situation such as a long-term relationship ending, then go meet a hot girl and have sex. Sex releases a lot of Dopamine from your brain into your body. Dopamine is the “feel good” drug that is naturally occurring. Instead of an apple a day…

10. Seek Help

If you are chronically sad and depressed each day and can’t get out of it on your own, then go and seek help. It may be a professional psychologist, a psychiatrist, a counselor at your school, or your best friend. There is no shame at all in seeking and asking for help from people when you are severely depressed.

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