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There are times when life just seems to get away from you.  When this happens you need to know about the websites that can make life easier.  Site where you can just jump on your BT broadband and solve your problem. There are a number of situations that you face in life that these websites can help you with.  You should know what the situation is and what the website that can help is.

1 Keeping Your Home Organised

Something that a lot of people have a problem with is keeping their home organised.  It is often easier to just stack papers on the table and leave them there.  However, the problem comes when you can’t find anything anymore.  A website that can help you with this is Simplify 101.  This is a back to basics type website that offers you articles and tips on how to clean your home and keep it clutter free.  Not only does this website offer online articles, but you can get a newsletter and sign up for online workshops and one-on-one coaching that helps you keep your home organised. 

2 Getting Bored with Your Food

Most people have a number of recipes that they know and use on a regular basis.  The problem is that most people do because tired of having the same food all the time.  To make your life easier you can look at CookEatShare.  This websites offers more than just recipes to help you widen your home menu.  You can use the menu planner on the site, keep track of your favourite recipes, join groups with other people who have the same food tastes and talk to them on Facebook.  The recipe finder on the website is also one of the best as you can filter results and look for certain aspects of the recipe. 

3 Keeping Track of Your Finances

An aspect of life that many people have a problem with is keeping track of their finances.  Most people become panicked when they are faced with having to account for all their money.  Money Strands is a great all-in-one money management website that offers you a visual representation of your finances.  You can register on the site for free and track all of your accounts to see what your spending habits are and to easily make a budget.  You can compare what you are doing to other users and the website offers recommendations for financial products that can help you.

4 Staying on Track with Fitness

Most people will say that they want to become thin or stay fit.  The problem is keep track and staying up to date with your fitness regime.  Train With Me Online is a website that offers a number of fitness routines, healthy recipes and information on getting and staying fit.  The problem with this site is that you have to pay a monthly subscription.  However, the full access cost is very cheap and you will be getting a wealth of articles and easy to follow videos.

5 Finding the Best Deals and Offers

Everyone wants to save a bit of money and the best way to do this is through deals and offers.  Of course, finding these deals and offers can be hard.  Google Offers is a Google based website that tells you about deals and offers in your area.  You can save offers that are relevant to you and access them through your Google account.

6 Completing DIY Projects

Not all DIY projects are large and long term activities.  Installing your own dishwasher is considered to be a DIY project.  5min is a website that helps you with all of these little DIY tasks that you need to do around your house.  If you have a small task that you need to find out how to do then this website will offer you an easy to follow video. 

7 Setting and Meeting Your Goals

We all have goals that we want to achieve, but many of us do not know how to go about achieving these goals.  Life Optimizer is a website that offers a positive and light hearted approach to setting and reaching your goals.  This website offers a host of different articles that help you take on time management, personal finances and relationships.  All of the posts are relatively short, but very positive and motivating.

8 Making the Internet Easier

Finding a review for a website that you want to use can be a hard task.  Site Jabber is a website that offers you reviews on other websites and articles about things to look out for on the internet.  This website started out as a competitor for Yelp and does an admirable job.  You can find a lot of honest reviews on websites, the authenticity of websites and if there are any alerts for fraudulent websites in the category that you are looking at.

9 Generally Making Life Easier

If you want a website that offers you general tips on how to make your life easier then you should check out Make It Do.  This website is a general lifestyle site that offers you easy and practical tips to make your life easier.  You can easily navigate the website to find the information you need.  A lot of the tips are geared toward household chores and how you can easily complete these tasks.  The articles on this website help you find everyday objects that you can use to complete tasks that generally require a lot of time and effort.

10 How to Keep Everything Organised

If you are looking for a website that can help you completely organise everything in your life from appointments to birthday reminders then you should try  This website offers a management tool that you can use to completely organise every aspect of your life. You can also sync your online account to your mobile phone so you never miss an alert that you have set up.  You can join Cozi for free or you can sign up for a paid for premium account.  The free account does have fewer options than the premium account.  

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