Sometimes, it is good to get advice from people who just went through the same process as you. I have been here for 2 months now and have published 12 articles. I am still not pre-approved but I am not in a rush for it, I will just keep writing.

If you would rather have advice from a confirmed writer here, I recommend this post from  mommymommymommy answering to the 10 most often asked questions.

Disclaimer: this article is NOT about keywords, LSI, niche sites, ... Just some simple advice to start here.

Get Known by the InfoBarrel Community

It is important to get known by the InfoBarrel community, as other InfoBarrel writers are potential readers of your posts, people that may help you, give you some advice, answer to your questions.


  • introduce yourself in the forums
  • accept friendship from other writers (give them/you the possibility to communicate through private messages, follow your posts, ...)
  • comment on other writers articles
  • post on the forum (more on that later)
  • edit your about page (more on that later)


  • go to the forum and announce you are the best writer ever. Modesty may help you. Remember some have been writing for years here. Some have published books. What makes you believe you are a better writer than them?
  • ask others to like or comment on your posts. This may be a nice policy on facebook, tweeter, ... (though I doubt it), here it is not the case. People will like your posts if they like them, comment on them if they feel like it, live with that

Learn More About the InfoBarrel Community

It is important to know who is who here. You can get a good introduction about who are the writers you should follow in this post by x3xsolxdierx3x (you may want to add him  to your follow list as well).


  • read success stories on the front page
  • have a look at the profile page of people commenting on your posts, replying to you in the forum
  • read the featured articles and have a look to who is writing them


  • get jealous about other writers: some have been working hard, some are skillfull, most belong to both categories 
  • overlook less-known writers either. Some first-time-ever articles are enjoyable, interesting and deserve your attention.

Use the InfoBarrel Forum

Believe me, I have seen useless forums full of hate, flaming, spamming, ... This community has a nice forum with people helping each other, full of nice info/advice/ideas... Use it! Follow it, read it, ask your questions there.


  • read others posts: you may have the same question in a while, you may learn something useful to you, or you may simply get to know more people here
  • search the forum before asking a question
  • ask for help if you need and cannot find anything through the search engine


  • be aggressive, spammy, offensive, ... Please, this forum is good, don't spoil it
  • be too demanding. Even though admin is following and answering, most people are simply replying to your posts for the sake of the community. They don't earn anything for it, they don't owe you anything 

Register and Set up Your Advertising Profile

Updated 04/04/2013: this whole paragraph was outdated

There are 3 sources of income at InfoBarrel (not counting referring people to this site).

1) Tier 1 Earnings or Google Adsense Earnings

This should be your main revenue stream if you are writing informative articles (and not product reviews). You can choose between using your own Adsense account (if you have one from before) or use InfoBarrel Tier 1 earning system (mainly based on their Adsense account).

The choice should be made here:

Account / Account Settings / Advertising Profile / First Tier Ad Management

New Payment ActivationCredit: Screenshot by Adragast

2) Tier 2 Earnings

You don't need to do anything for it (isn't this platform nice?!). You will get it. Earnings are updated once a day or something.

3) Amazon Affiliates Earnings

This is used to promote product at Amazon. This may be actually quite tricky as someone who reads your article may as well go on Amazon by himself/herself and buys the product you recommend (in which case, you will not make any money). Or your reader may click on your link, give up on the product but continue surfing on Amazon and buy a TV set.

To earn from Amazon, apply for an Amazon Affiliates account on their website (quite easy, should be straightforward). You may get a message that they will review your account before approving you but I never got any message confirming anything myself so don't worry too much about it and start using your affiliates id at once.

Set it up in your settings 

Account / Account Settings / Advertising Profile

About Page and Signatures

This is something I completely missed at the beginning. People may go to your profile page after reading one of your articles to know a bit more about you. It would be a shame that your profile page is not showing anything about you.

1) "About me"  page

This is what people see when they click on your profile link from one of your articles. What you can include:

  • a small intro about you
  • links to your other blogs/websites
  • link to some of your articles

2) Signatures

This is what appears on the box on the right of your article. It can be related to the article you wrote or more general. For example, if you write about blogging motivation in an article and you published an e-book about it, you could insert a link to this e-book in your signature. Some even add amazon affiliates ads there (you are limited to 2 contextual links if external).

If you don't know what to write in your signature, you could use a common signature where you simply invite your reader to join InfoBarrel with your referal id. 

Passive Income Is Not So Passive

The wording "passive" income is somehow tricky. It does NOT mean you can passively sit on the couch and that articles will be writen magically by themselves or that the only thing you need to do is to write a few articles and become rich.

 If you look at most people who are making money here (and I bet it would not be different in other places), you will see they put a lot of work and effort into their articles. Just think about it as a retirement but you do the 65 years work (or whatever is the age limit in your country) within 3-4 years. Many also use the image of a marathon as opposed to a sprint. It is a good image except that in a marathon there is only one winner and people simply compete against each other...

If one day you feel lose your writing motivation, you could have a look at my post where I speak about it more in details. 

Title of Your Articles

You can call this a bug or a missing feature but when you change the title of your article, the link to it is not updated. That gives a bad feeling to the readers that follow a link to an article named X but can see that the link is Y. One example is an article I wrote about Stavanger. I called it "Everything you need to know (and a bit more) about Stavanger" and renamed it later to "Stavanger, an unknown yet beautiful city". Not a big deal but it is messy. So think twice when you choose the title of your article and think about deleting it and recreating it with the proper title if you change your mind at the beginning of the article.

Worth 1000 Words

I kind of disagree that an image is worth 1000 words, but I have to admit this will boost your articles. You can include photos, videos (especially easy if it is from youtube, vimeo, ...), sounds, and even google maps!


  • include media to your articles
  • give credit to the authors of these media
  • resize the image: right click on them after putting them in your text box and use the "Insert/Edit Image" option. On the appearance tab, you can choose the size you want. You don't need to precise both dimensions, just specify one, the other will be automatically calculated depending on the original size of the picture


  • infringe copyright. Be careful about royaltee-free photos. It does not mean they are free, it means you only need to pay once to get them.
  • include random sexy girls to your articles. Yes, it would attract more people, but they will discover quickly it was just a trap and won't read your articles, leave a comment or rate them in a positive way
  •  overuse it. The pictures should illustrate what you are writing about, not the other way around (writing about the pictures that are listed)

Promoting Your Articles

You should not beg people to comment or like your articles. But you can promote them. Facebook/Twitter/Google+/StumbleUpon/Pinterest/bubblews to name a few. I liked barlrol in the past but this site seems down now.

Also, an important thing is to link from your articles to your other articles. For example, if you are writing a biography about each president of the United States, you should link to each other. I remember being interested in the monthly reports some writers are publishing here but having to browse through the author history for previous or next reports (no link between the reports). That's a shame. 

Becoming a Better Writer

In my opinion, the best thing to do at first is to write. At least 10-20 articles. The more you write, the more you will see where your own problems lie (writing too many words, too few words, not clear enough...).

After that, I think some self-critics can help. Review, re-read your own articles with an open mind. What is it you can improve? If you don't know what you can improve, ask in the forum, there is a specific sub forum for reviews.


As said in the introduction, I am not giving those pieces of advice because I consider myself a confirmed writer, but because this is all still "fresh" for me. I will even need to listen to some of these myself.

I did not talk about SEO, LSI, keywords, ... as I have no understanding about them but this is probably the next things you should be looking at if you are aiming to make money with your articles.

I wish you a good experience at InfoBarrel, may you be successful and happy :)