To stop smoking can be one of the best decisions you make in your life. The benefits of quitting smoking can be endless and boosts your lifestyle in numerous of ways. This article will list 10 benefits of quitting smoking, but these are just a few of the many benefits. Not only can quitting smoking benefit your health, but it can improve on your physical appearance as well. I'm sure most are aware of some of the dangers of smoking. The dangers of smoking really are limitless, though. Most severe health risks of the respiratory system, immune system, muscular system, digestive system, and circulatory system can from the causes of an addicting habit of smoking.

So why continue to smoke? The only real benefits of smoking seem to be that nicotine addiction that you have. There's too many health causes of smoking to even list. The nicotine poisons your body every time you take a drag. Cigarettes are filled with nicotine and tar that contain numerous amounts of harmful toxins. Smoking poisons cells in your body and enables free radical attacks. To quit smoking can be a hard thing to do. But there are many health benefits of quitting smoking. You can quit smoking today benefit right away.

10 benefits of quitting smoking

1.) Reduce your chance of cancer. 90% of lung cancer is linked to smoking. Lung cancer is the leading fatality of any other cancer by far. You not only reduce your chances of getting lung cancer, but other forms of cancer's as well. The benefits of quitting smoking can reduce the chances of cancer, which is something no person wants to go through.

2.) Look better physically. Smoking causes lots of harmful toxins and free radical attacks in the body. Smoking simply makes you look older, and less appealing. The benefits of quitting smoking right now, can reduce the chances of wrinkles, blemishes, yellow teeth, tartar stains, etc... If you quit smoking now, you'll improve your physical appearance significantly. Everyone wants to remain attractive and appealing to others.

3.) Maintain a pleasant odor. Smoking causes bad breath, quite often. Smoking just doesn't provide you with bad breath, but it also causes general odor problems. Smoke clings to your clothes, and you're not always aware of the smell it leaves. Smokers become immune to the bad odors that they leave. Bad odors are a turn off to women, or men that you're trying to attract. The benefits of quitting smoking can keep you smelling fresh and pleasant.

4.) Increase your energy levels and make you feel better physically. Smoking can make you feel tired, restless, and more out of breath. Smoking doesn't allow you to workout as adequate. Your cardio health will be much improved, and you'll feel a lot better physically if you quit smoking. You won't be as prone to mood swings and your overall mental stability will be enhanced.

5.) Food tastes better. All those harmful toxins kill taste buds on your tongue. Food will taste much better. Some smoke because they want to avoid gaining weight. There are healthier ways to avoid binge eating, besides using smoking as a reason.

6.) Reduce chances of heart disease. Smoking leads to damage cells, and cuts off oxygen that leads to your heart. Smoking also raises cholesterol and blood pressure. Which lead to coronary heart disease. Smoking is deadly, and increases your chances of heart disease greatly.

7.) Improve your mental health. Smoking cuts off oxygen to the brain. Smoking is not healthy for brain production. Smoking kills brain cells. Smoking can lead to strokes, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease. You'll feel better mentally if you quit smoking.

8.) Enhance your immune system. Smoking leads to lots of free radical attacks in the body. This leaves your immune system vulnerable to all kinds of diseases and illness. You're more likely to get sick, get the flu, and you'll tend to cough quite a bit. Serious cases of smoking leads to coughing up mucus, and blood sometimes. You'll protect yourself from regular illness more often if you quit smoking today.

9.) The benefits of quitting smoking provides stronger and bones. Smoking can lead to osteoporosis. Smoking cuts of oxygen to your bones and muscles. Smoking also can lead to arthritis throughout the body as well.

10.) Live a longer life and save a life! Simply quit smoking just to live a longer life! The best benefits of quitting smoking is living your life to its fullest! Smoking kills in just about all ways. You'll also be saving the lives of others you live with. Second hand smoke is just as deadly. Those who are pregnant and smoke, can cause health risks for their born babies.