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There are so many wonderful places to eat in Manchester that it can be a bit of a struggle to decide on just which are the 10 best places to eat in Manchester, UK.  There are often special deals or vouchers available online to offer savings so that one can try several of the wonderful restaurants on this list:

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1. This and That Café offers curries at amazingly low prices.  Not only is the food reasonable but it is utterly delicious. While this place is on a little side road and its décor is straight out of a 1960s greasy spoon, which just might be part of its charm.

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2. Tampopo is a pan-Asian restaurant that offers the best of the various street foods from different Asian countries.  Prices are reasonable, food is cooked to order and service is quick and friendly.  It is a great restaurant for families or for those who just want a quick bite in a friendly atmosphere.

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3. Earth is located in the basement of a Buddhist Centre.  Earth serves pies, salads, soups, quiches and beanburgers. This restaurant has the best vegan fare in town and it is so fresh and well prepared that even non-vegans love the food.

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4. City Café has both terrace and indoor dining.  Serving modern European food with some real flair, this restaurant is known for its award winning seasonal specialties.

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5. Croma is the place to be for the most unique and delicious pizzas.  Suitable for the whole family and easy on the budget, Croma is known for its Peking Duck pizza and other unusual flavors. The children’s menu is incredible and reasonable and one should remember to check for online deals and vouchers to find even more restaurant savings when dining at one of the ten best restaurants in Manchester, UK.

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6. Katsouris is a deli with some of the best bread in the area.  Sandwiches are big and delicious.  One might want to wear comfortable shoes though, the place has limited seating and it gets very busy.

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7.  El Rincon is a Spanish restaurant with an excellent reputation, stellar and authentic food, and even the chance to spot a celebrity enjoying a meal.  One will need to call ahead for a reservation as this is a busy place.  Although there is no website and there may be a wait to get a reservation the great food makes this one of the ten best places to eat in Manchester, UK.

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8.  Nutter’s is set in a lovely Victorian mansion.  The restaurant has an atmosphere that is friendly and full of happiness.  The chef’s specialties are amazingly well-prepared and utterly delicious.  For romantic dinners there is even a private dining area. This is a more expensive, but well worth the expenditure, restaurant.

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9. Piccolino Bar and Restaurant offers Italian food from pizza to pasta and everything in between.  The atmosphere is inviting, the food is delicious, and the service is excellent.  Prices are moderate and the fresh, delicious food will make visitors want to return often.

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10. Sanmini specializes in delicious authentic southern Indian delicacies.  Service is absolutely superb and the atmosphere in this converted gatehouse is simply lovely.  The weekend thallis is a real occasion with ten small dishes of either vegetarian or non-vegetarian fare for taters to delight in trying.  The dishes are refillable as well.

Clearly, there are many great restaurants in the area but this is a solid list of ten of the best restaurants in Manchester, UK, and luckily some of these fine establishments will have internet deals or vouchers available for those who are budget conscious but want to have a superb meal.