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When thinking of traveling to China one can become overwhelmed with all of the places to see and things to do so it is helpful to have a list of the 10 best places to visit in China.  One can realize savings when traveling by using internet deals, vouchers, and coupons to help save on some of the admissions, meals or lodgings in these areas.  The 10 best places to visit in China include:

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1. Jiuzhaigou Sichuan has a Giant Panda Research Breeding Base, Emei Mountain and the Giant Buddha   of Leshan as well as many other natural and cultural sites that are interesting and scenic.

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2. The Yangtze River is the site of romantic cruises; it is the third largest river in the world.  One can find both longer cruises and those that are more gear toward sightseeing.  There are multiple cities and scenic areas along the river.  This is a good place to think about discount vouchers or other deals, especially for river trip tickets.

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3. Zhangjiajie City is situated in the western area of Hunan Province. In the district called Wulingyuan there is a world famous scenic area. The Wulingyuan Scenic Area is divided into three sections: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park; Tianzi Mountain and Suoxi Valley. It has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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4. Shanghai is the largest metropolitan area in China with all of the trappings of any large city.  In this area one will find temples, museums, parks, unique businesses, historical sites, and other interesting things to see.

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5. Beijing is the capital of China and is the center of much of its political and social activities.  Besides the modern city, one will find the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and other historical and cultural sites. This is the must see city when one considers the 10 best places to visit in China.

Xian - 10 best places to explore in ChinaCredit: http://scenery.cultural-china.com/en/147Scenery102.html

6. Xian is one of the most interesting places in the world according to many travelers. The amazing Terracotta Army, other historic sites, cultural sites, fascinating architecture, natural areas, and many other attractions can be found in this area of China.

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7. Guilin lies on the bank of the Li River and is best known for its beautiful and almost ethereal scenic vistas.  This is a great area for those who love nature and enjoy the outdoors.

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8. Lhasa Tibet is renowned for mountain climbing, rock climbing, and natural beauty as well as the unique Tibetan culture and religious experience.

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9. Lijiang Yunnan is a World Heritage Cultural Site.  The city is over 1300 years old and is steeped in culture and tradition and is rich in history.

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10. Travel the Silk Road in China and discover the cities along the route and learn about the journey that was taken 100s of years ago as goods were traded between the mysterious China of the East and European countries.

Any of the ten best places to visit in China would make a fascinating, informative and fun vacation even more rewarding; it is especially nice to know that there are a variety of ways to find savings for this trip including online deals, vouchers and coupons.