Sundays are far from restful!

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Sunday, the supposed day of rest, probably the busiest in the week.

I have always been intrigued by the saying " Sunday is a day of rest". It certainly never was for me.


Yes weekdays bring work and school, running around, but for mothers, fathers and anyone with a family to care for, Sunday is probably your busiest day, trying to prepare for the next five days of oncoming servitude to your employer or children's education, or both.

1. Make sure all clothes for work and school are ready.

Yes, you seem to be the only person ever to think about the fact that Monday, so funnily follows Sunday every week, every year of your life. And Mondays mean school uniforms and work uniforms. A simple fact that seems to elude every other member of the household.


2. Preparing Sunday roast dinner

I must say I have noticed that not as many families sit down to a Sunday roast dinner anymore, but the majority that I know do. 

I once dated a man ( I use that term loosely), where the men and boys went to the public house for a Sunday morning drinking session, whilst the women of the family had to make the Sunday roast Dinner. As if this was not offensive enough to have the whole family bring their children and partners for Dinner whilst sodding off to the pub, the women had to send one person to retrieve the men whilst the rest dished up Dinner.

Did they return the favour by doing the dishes? Not a chance, these fat lazy pigs use to go home, and the men in the house use to go for a lie down, being full of beer and food is tiring you see, Needless to say I got rid after around three weeks.

I am far luckier now and this is a slight cheat as sometimes my husband helps me, but the majority of women get this chore all to themselves whilst others in the family get on with what they wish to do.

3, Bath the children

This may not seem a big deal to some, but to those mothers, such as myself with big families, organizing and bathing the tribe takes a lot of time and effort. especially if they are girls. They want bubbles, they want the bath deep, but not too deep. They want their toys, and bath wall crayons. They want their nice new pyjamas, and they want you to dry their hair with the hair dryer, the hair that is three quarters down their back on all of them. This is after you have cooked them all food, washed dishes and made sure school uniforms are ready. By the time you are done, you need a bath yourself and you are exhausted.

4, Listen to the children read their school book

They will not have asked you to do this over the weekend, it is delay tactics. The children wait until you think you have finished and then explain that you are a bad mom and that they will get into trouble with their teacher because you have not signed their reading diary. There goes the last hour that you thought you had before you had to think about going to bed.


There is a much longer list than this depending on individual households, but the above are what typically happen in my household.

Mothers from different households may also have soccer practice, swimming sessions, or other hobbies to drive to and forth. If a family go to Church a mother has to get her little flock ready with clean and tidy clothing and do all hair in tidy styles. The list is endless, so I hope I have made my point clear, that Sunday is not a day of rest and from now forth it is illegal in my presence to call Sunday a day of rest.


No rest for the wicked!! Or is that no rest for mothers?

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