eBay Selling TipsHere you will find the top 10 eBay selling tips to further your success and increase your earnings as an eBay seller. Online auctions are a great way to earn extra money or to start your own home based business; however there are a few tips and tricks that every member should know to increase their chances of success. Whether you are a new seller or have been selling for awhile there may be a few tricks and eBay selling secrets that you could greatly benefit from. I've been selling on eBay quite some time and after some trial and error have found that these eBay selling tips have brought me the most success over the last few years.
If you are just starting out as a seller on eBay I would suggest that you begin by reading: How to Start Selling on eBay, a free guide that covers everything you need to know to get started selling.
With the exception of the first tip the following 10 eBay selling tips are listed in no particular order as they are all likely to increase your chances of success.

The #1 eBay Selling Tip –Pictures Are You Visual Pitch-Use Them!!!!
This eBay selling tip should be more of a law for you as a seller than a tip! This point can not be stressed enough; pictures are the number one tool to a successful listing. Put two auctions next to each other selling the exact same thing, one with pictures-one without, the auction with pictures will win, hands down, every time! People want to see what they are buying. One equally important eBay selling tip in regards to photos is to take good quality pictures. Not professional, but good! Don't just throw the item on the carpet or your kitchen floor, don't hang it from a door knob, and definitely don't try it on for the picture! Another thing buyers dislike is seeing hands in the listing photos, try to be as professional as possible. You can by some really cheap white muslin fabric at the fabric store, iron it and take pictures on that with good natural lighting. There are a few items where one picture will be sufficient, use you best judgment. When in doubt, take more pictures!

Auction Templates & Detailed Descriptions
A very beneficial eBay selling tip is to use an auction management service , they provide auction templates, picture hosting with unlimited use within your auction, pre-scheduled listings, and much more. It is not necessary, as many sellers are successful without them; However, I will tell you that it will make your life much easier! A few good sites are Auctiva, Sellers Sourcebook, and Vendio. They do charge a small fee but in the long run it will end up saving you a great deal of time and money.
Another very important eBay selling tip is to give your buyers a very detailed and accurate description of what you are selling. Use your "details" section of the auction template page to tell them what they will be getting, make sure to include the details that may not be seen through pictures as well as the specifications that are. Include even the negative details! You can never be too descriptive, even if you don't think it's not a big deal-it may be to a buyer! So make sure you offer them a clear, professional overview of the item. One great way to do this is to use bullets, this way the description doesn't get too long and boring!

Price-Start Low to Sell High
As a general, very successful, eBay selling tip, you should start your auctions out at a low price! If you are selling something that is in high demand than you should definitely start it out at .99. Some buyers make the mistake of not using this eBay tip and starting their listing out way too high. What generally ends up happening is no one bids! People LOVE auctions that start out at .99 because that is a price that everyone can afford, even if your item isn't what people are looking for, they may bid just for fun! What often ends up happening is two buyers will be bidding against each other, it will create a bidding war and in the end, if not sooner, the amount of your item will go up- this is why this eBay tip is so important! I have sold items at a higher price 100% of the time when I start them out at .99! Now there is an exception to this eBay selling tip, if you are unsure that the item will sell for the amount you would like or at least the amount to cover the items expense then start it out at what you paid for it. I myself am not a fan of "reserves" however; this is an option you have to ensure you get a certain price for the item! For the most part stick with starting at a low price, you are more likely to get more bidders this way!

Use Descriptive, Specific Auction Titles
eBay action titles are one of the most important ways that buyers are going to find your item. One of the greatest eBay selling tips is to use your title to its full advantage. You are going to want to be very specific and use as many keywords as possible. You have 55 characters to tell the eBay world what you are selling, use as many of them as you can! If you are selling a brand new Juicy Couture Purse you don't want your title to say "Cute New Purse" you want it to say something like "BNWT Pink Cloth Authentic Juicy Couture Purse Bag". You will get much more views if you use as many details as possible. Think about the search terms one would enter if looking for your item and use those in your title. Another great eBay selling tip for title success is to make your title stand out, you could of course pay to have it be in bold or you could use all Caps, I like to capitalize the first letter of each word as shown in the title above. It really makes it a bit more unique and therefore it stands out, do whatever you can to make your title noticeable and descriptive!

List in Multiple Categories
This is a small but very successful eBay selling tip. While it is very beneficial to find your niche when selling on eBay it is even more helpful to offer a few different items, even in small amounts. If you have one main niche and then sell a few other odds and ends in multiple categories your items get more exposure. This way people can cross search. This is how it works, lets say you list a Coach purse, a pair of New Religion jeans, and a Cinderella Dvd. Someone who is looking for the Coach purse checks out you listing and sees that you are offering a few other things that they are interested in, they also see that you offer a combined shipping discount, you are more likely now to sell to this buyer. Selling in multiple categories creates a sort of web allowing buyers to find your items that they may not have. This is not an eBay selling tip that works for everyone; some sellers are 100% content selling one item, and one item only! My experience has been, however, I am more likely to sell multiple items when I list items in multiple categories, which multiplies my money as a seller!

Know When to List
One surprising eBay selling tip to a more successful listing is knowing the time and days to list on. While there is no 100% full proof formula, items that end on Sundays usually tend to do better. An equally important eBay selling tip in regards to when you should list is to try and make sure your items end in the evening. The reasoning behind these two eBay selling tips is that more people are home, not doing much on a Sunday evening so they are more likely to look items up. Also, a buyer may be watching an item, but if that item ends on a Wednesday at two in the afternoon, they are likely to forget all about it or be working and unable to bid. Sure they can pre-place a bid but successful buyers know that real time bidding is best. This is something you could play around with. You don't want to list 90 items on Sunday evening at 6:00 either. So spread you items out, see what sells best at what times and take it from there. I usually end items on Sun. Mon. and Tues. evening, that's what works for me after much trial and error but again you won't know until you play around with the times for a few weeks. In the beginning stick with the day and times suggested, many successful sellers do well because they follow this eBay selling tip!

Be Honest
Never promise something you can't deliver. This eBay tip will definitely make you stand out as a reputable seller! Also, and equally important eBay tip is to never skip on giving the important details, especially if they aren't so good. Be honest about what the buyer will receive so that there is no confusion. If you are selling a used item that is bent, broken, or scratched you need to let the buyer know that. There are professional ways of stating these types of imperfections. This is an eBay selling tip that new sellers shy away from in hopes that their item will sell better. The truth is if you leave these important details out your buyers will be upset, leave negative feedback, and it will ruin your reputation as an eBay seller.

Be Professional
Treat this like a business, a great eBay selling tip to increase overall success. The more you put into it the more you will likely get out of it, as long as you are selling the right items. Build a good reputation for yourself. You will likely receive questions; respond promptly, professionally, and clearly. Leave feedback, send packing slips, and don't forget to thank your buyers, without them your success will not get far.

Be a Shipping Success
One overlooked eBay selling tip that creates great success is mastering all aspects of the shipping process. Some sellers don't realize how much this eBay tip can impact their overall success. Sure you may get the item shipped but when thinking about successful shipping ask yourself this: was the buyer happy with the way the item was shipped, the time it was shipped in, the way it was packaged, and the price that you charged. Shipping is one of the greatest concerns of both buyers and sellers, it's hard to find a middle ground. As a general, very important eBay tip you never want to overcharge for shipping but you also never want to undercharge unless you know that you will make up the difference in the selling price. Another eBay tip- pack your items nicely, don't just throw them into a box, this is a greatly overlooked eBay selling tip. 1st off your buyer will be leaving feedback for you, impress them with how professional you are and 2nd you may want them to buy from you again so take care in sending them their items nicely and promptly, at an affordable rate.

Sell What Sells
The bottom line and likely the most useful eBay selling tip is to sell items that buyers want. Do your research on what sells, what people want, what will make you some money! If people aren't bidding then people aren't buying! Look for items that are receiving bids and that seem to sell. Sure you can list things from around the house to earn some extra cash but if you are looking for a more steady income then you will need to find a niche. And preferably one that does well. Will you sell RC parts, DVD's, Designer clothes, Handbags, Comic books, Antiques? You will want to find something you can buy for less, typically 60% less, in order to profit.

The above eBay selling tips and suggestions will have you well on your way to earning more money in no time. Remember it takes much trial and error before becoming a successful seller but these eBay selling tips will help to avoid much of that trial and error! Stick with it and learn as you go, the success will shortly follow! Good luck!