With the ongoing global recession and rise in unemployment, many people are considering options for starting their own business from home. Running a business from home has many advantages over finding a regular job, including no commute times and the ability to spend more time with your family. You can be your own boss and work the hours that you want.

Here are ten ideas for starting your own home based business.

1. Drop shipping business - a drop shipping business is where you sell another company's products on the internet. You sell the products and collect the payments and the drop shipping company handles the inventory and shipping. It is a great way to run an e-commerce business without having to have your own warehouse or worry about packing and shipping the products.

2. Website Search Engine Optimization services (SEO)- Many companies have websites, but most of the websites don't perform well in Google, particularly for the keywords that they need to target to get more customers. Sometimes with some simple adjustments, such as changing the title tags of the website and getting some links to the site can dramatically improve a website's rankings.

3. Debt collection - With the downturn in the economy, it is not surprising that debt collection is a growing area. There are usually certain laws that cover debt collection in different countries, which you will need to look into. You should also be able to find a short education course in your area which can get you on the way to this lucrative business.

4. Background checks - Whether companies are looking for new employees or property owners who want to check out their potential tenants, running background check on people can save people a lot of money and heart ache, before they enter a contract. A great deal of information can now be found on the internet, so it is a great business to run without even having to leave the house.

5. Ebay - Everybody has heard of Ebay, but many people are too busy to list and promote the stuff they want to sell on the popular auction website. You could list products for people, handle the customer support and shipping of the product.

6. House and pet sitting - House and pet sitting services are experiencing an increase in demand. By having someone stay in your house while you are away, there is less chance of being a victim of robbery and you will have someone to take care of your pets. Your pets will also be happy as they can stay in a familiar environment.

7. Children's art and music education - As education budgets are slashed in schools around the world, art and music programs are often the first to get cut. Art and music programs are great though for children's development and there is sure to be plenty of business opportunities in this area.

8. Trade services - Many people don't know where to find cheap and reliable trades people. You could build a directory of reliable electricians, plumbers and carpenters who charge a fix fee and provide a good service.

9. Conceirge service - With many families having both parents working, there is often little time to do things like paying bills buying clothes and birthday presents, concereige type service could be a great idea for a new business.

10. Blogging - Believe or not many people have been able to give up their jobs just by writing a blog. See my article on How to make money blogging for more information.

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