Are you ashamed of your bad breath? Don't worry!!!! You are not alone !!!

There are some natural ways to say goodbye to your bad breath.

Bad breath can put you in the most embarrassing situation whether you are in a date or in a meeting or anywhere. Many people are not aware that they have bad breath. So instead of testing ourselves if our breath is good or bad why can't we take precautionary step to have good breath always. Such steps are not hard and rarely take time . Once you know what they are you can just include them into your daily routine and just forget about your breath. 

So 10 easy tips to cure your bad breath are

1.Lets start with food. Everyone knows onion and garlic are the chief culprits of bad breath. But if you are a food lover and just enjoy eating those no problem. After your meal chew a piece a parsley or Coriander or spearmint or eucalyptus or rosemary or cardamom. I understand you can't have a little greenhouse in your pocket. But you can carry the gums with these flavor in your pocket and chew a couple immediately after meal . 

2. Coffee - Many people don't know coffee can cause bad breath too. Though the effects are temporary chewing gum helps to swipe away the bad breath.

3. Dry mouth can cause bad breath. Always try to keep your mouth wet by drinking water or taking other fluids often. Very simple but effective way.

4. Food sticking to the teeth after you eat is another major culprit. Simple remedy is to  wash and gargle your mouth for atleast 30 seconds after every meal.Very simple but most people don't do it.

5.Yogurt with active cultures highly reduces the odor causing hydrogen sulfide in the mouth. So keep it a habit to eat yogurt often.

6.Foods rich in Vit C can prevent gum diseases and gingivitis both of which are major causes of bad breath. So make it a habit to include berries or citrus fruits or melons in your diet .

7.Foods rich in fiber are the enemies of bad breath. So load up on fiber rich foods like apple, carrots , celery ,oats ,greens ,bean , avacado.

8.Fenugreek tea can cure bad breath. Put one tsp of seeds in 10oz of water, simmer in low flame for 15 minutes .Strain it and drink.

Last but not the least there are couple of easy tips that everybody knows but don't follow

9.Visit your dentist twice a year for regular cleaning. Even if you don't have that habit the least you can do is atleast use an electric toothbrush  . Whatever your budget is you can pick a good one .

10.Always brush twice a day and don't forget to floss between teeth and scrape the tongue.

Have a good breath !!!