It didn’t come as a surprise to most Iphone users when the Iphone 4S specifications were announced 2 weeks ago  at the Apple keynote, which took place on October 4th, on Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California. Just as expected some people were pleased to know that it was out at last, while others were very unhappy about the announcement as they were expecting to see an Iphone 5 instead of the Iphone 4S. But inspite that  many Iphone gaming fans who were eagerly waiting for the ‘next Iphone’ that will revitalize their gaming enthusiasm on the iOS platform got something to be happy about when the announcement was made  2 weeks ago. If you are one of those who were looking forward to knowing more about how the new phone from Apple will improve your gaming experience on the go, well, here it is at last. Read on to learn more about some of the Iphone 4S features and what it can offer gamers of Apple iOS platform.  

iphone 4S(67376)Credit: Apple computers infinity blade 2 on iphone 4sCredit: Apple-epic games

1. Dual Core A5 CPU with 2x faster processor: The Dual Core A5 chip on the Iphone 4S is capable of delivering two times the processing power of the earlier phone (Iphone 4). Though this is somewhat similar to what you have on the Ipad 2, it will undoubtedly improve the power of the mobile phone.

      2. Dual Core GPU with 7x faster graphics: With this on board expect more graphics power for all your gaming needs. Unlike the Iphone 4, this very iteration comes with a Dual Core Graphics Processing Unit which is capable of delivery rich graphical features and games made for the mobile device.

    iphone 4S(67375)Credit: Apple computers



        3. 8 Megapixel camera: The 8MP sensor takes 3264×2448 resolution images, f 2.4 aperture, that takes in more light and shoots faster pictures, hybrid IR filter. This opens up the possibility for developers to explore it further and develop rich and more entertaining experience such as augmented reality games. The camera is also capable of recording videos in High Definition up to 1080p. How this will be explored further for gaming is yet to be seen.

      Angrybirds for iphone4sCredit: Apple-Rovio



          4. It comes equipped with a 512MB RAM: Even though there was no upgrade in this department from the previous (Iphone 4) it is worth noting that with this addition to the Dual Core A5 CPU and Dual Core GPU, the processing power of the device is greatly improved.


          black and white iphone 4sCredit: Apple computers


          5. Faster download for games: The Iphone 4S is capable of delivering a faster data download speed, up to 14.4mbps download. It also has a redesigned antenna that  automatically switch--at any giving time-- to catch the best reception. This means that when you are downloading a game and the network signal drops it can switch to any nearby network signal of the same network carrier that is fast enough so you can continue your download at fast speed.

              6. Improved Battery performance: The battery performance in this latest iteration have improved by 8 Hour talk time, 14 hours of 2G talk time, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 9 hours of wi-fi browsing.

            Angrybirds for iphone4s-Credit: Apple-Rovio



                7. Developers support for the phone: Most developers who showed interest and are supporting it with their Game Engine technology are already making games for it. Some of the developers that were present at the keynote were some of the big names in the industry such as Id Software co-founder, John Carmack, Epic's president, Michael Capps, Markus Maki, the Chief Technology Officer Remedy Entertainment, Jonathan Kromrey, Executive Producer of mobile entertainment of Namco Bandai (just to mention a few). One of the games that was showed at the keynote using the power of the Iphone 4S to display it’s graphical features for all to see was Infinity Blade 2, an action adventure game that is being developed by Epic Games and Chair.


              infinity blade 2 on iphone 4s-gamesCredit: Apple-epic games


                  8. CDMA & GSM in a single device (World phone): With this new phone you have the choice of using a CDMA or GSM Sim Card. If you are in any part of the world where they use more than one network standard then you don’t have to worry about which network you are going to use as the Iphones 4S can handle both CDMA and GSM depending on which one you wish to use at any given point in time.

                iphone 4S-siri photo shotsCredit: Apple computers



                    9. Siri Technology: This is a new technology from Apple exclusive to Iphone 4S that will allow the phone to do intelligent assistant and voice navigation. Some developers are already making interesting comments about ways they can hack the technology and use it for their games.


                    10.  iOS 5: The iOS 5 was generally released for upgrade on October 12th. With some noticeable improvements in the latest iOS installment most users are expecting to see the new Iphone shine on this. One very important thing to note is the latest technology of AirPlay, with this it will be possible to stream whatever is on the IPhone 4S to any HDTV nearby via Apple TV. AirPlay Mirroring will make it possible for anybody to see whatever you are doing on the phone in real-time.



                    Apart from all the features mentioned earlier the Iphone 4S will come equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. And it comes in various sizes, ranging from 16GB to 32GB, and a new 64GB (which is new to the Iphone family of phones). The phone comes in two different colors of white and black designs.



                    In conclusion, the new Iphone 4s from Apple is packed with a lot more power than the previous (Iphone 4) and it’s looking to regain its spot as the king of mobile phones. But with Steve Jobs passing away (some weeks earlier) and the company in the hands of new leadership it’s hard to tell how well the new phone will do competing with many other devices of similar functionality and power (especially the Android phones) in an already crowded market. How well it performs this time around will determine the fate of the many other Apple devices that will come after and the future of the company in the absence of the man who was one of its co-founder (Steve Jobs).