Here are some fun christmas crafts that I've found to do with your preschooler! Anything to keep the little gremlins busy, right?

Preschool ChristmasCredit: Pink Sherbet Photography

When it's Christmas time, it means that you will have a lot of time indoors with your little sweeties.  Isn't that wonderful?  :)

I find it's best to make sure that you have several activities lined up to do so that you don't drive each other crazy.  Plus, it makes you look like super-mom (or dad) and it creates great christmas memories and keepsakes for the kids to look back on when they are older. 

There are many readily available craft tutorials that you can find in addition to these, but these are my favorites that I have done with my three children.  I have tried to include some recyclable crafts, some gift-able preschool christmas crafts, and some larger scale ones that you can use for a centerpiece or mantel decoration.

So after you have frozen your little tootsies off outside, come on in, fix some hot chocolate, and whip out that pre-prepared list of crafts.  Be sure to take some time this hectic holiday season to slow down and enjoy this extra time with your family.

Here are 7 awesome crafts that you can do with readily-available materials and little "helpers."  Ahem.

Yarn TreeCredit: Jessie Pearl

1. Yarn Tree

This is a simple christmas craft that you can do with stuff that you likely already have laying around the house.   Perfect for a "last minute" crafting session because mama needs to figure out what she's making for dinner tonight.

Materials needed:

-Green construction paper or cardstock

-Yarn or string for the "garland" on the tree

-Pencil or crayons

-Little bits and pieces like buttons, stickers, glitter, etc for ornaments



First, trace an outline of a christmas tree onto a sheet of green paper.  Then guide your preschooler in applying glue and the yarn or string garland.  Twine could also give a cute, rustic look.  After the garland has been applied, supply your kids with stickers, buttons, bits and pieces and glue and let them go crazy with decorating their "tree."  This makes a great refrigerator decoration!

Christmas Chain GarlandCredit: LisaClarke

2. Christmas Paper Chain Garland

Suuper simple, and really fun too!  Makes a fun yearly christmas paper craft tradition as well.


Christmas colors construction paper or cardstock

A stapler, glue, or tape to hold the pieces together



Cut the various papers into strips of roughly the same size.  Build chain by "linking" the pieces together.

You can make this just for a decoration, or you can make it a "christmas countdown" where you just remove a ring every day until christmas.  Another idea if you are using it as a christmas countdown is to write a little piece of the christmas story, a bible verse reference or christmas thought to be read each day when you remove the ring.



Candy TreeCredit: LisaClarke

3. Candy Tree

This one is especially fun because you can eat it after you make it! You won't have to worry about finding another ledge somewhere to display another craft :)


Ice cream cones (the pointy kind)

Frosting (either green or white and have some green food coloring on hand to make it green)

Cookies for the base

M&M's or other small candies to decorate the candy tree with.


Affix a cone to a cookie base with some of the frosting.  Then help your preschooler to frost the cone to look like a tree with green frosting.  Then supply sprinkles, candies or other small edibles and let your kids "decorate" their "trees."  Then, eat them!!!



Painted Box Christmas HousesCredit: knitsteel

4. Painted Christmas Houses Recycled Christmas Craft

I love this one because of the recycling element!  This craft can be done a number of different ways with a number of different materials, but here is one way to do it.


-Food Boxes or cardboard to build the house out of

-Tape, glue, or rubber cement to hold the house elements together




First, decide on the "architectural layout" of your home. You can try out several different layouts before you glue or tape them together.  If you use the little boxes, you could make little mini houses. (think: raisin boxes and Halloween candy boxes.)  If you use big boxes, you could even make a centerpiece decoration, or christmas decorations for your mantel.  After you glue, staple or tape the boxes together, you can glue the "house" to a piece of cardboard for a base. Then, start painting and decorating and let your imagination be your guide.  You could paint in christmas colors, add glitter or shredded paper for snow.   The sky is the limit on this craft.  You could even make an entire village of houses!


filled ornaentCredit: Bokeh Burger on flickr

 5. Filled clear ornaments

For this craft, you need to get a hold of some clear ball christmas ornaments.  These are widely available at craft stores and Wal-Mart or target.  I purchased them in plastic for obvious reasons. 

This craft is very could fill it with any number of things.  Glitter, colored sand, evergreen, etc etc.  Little people love to use their imagination to come up with ways to make things look special, pretty and personalized.  Another idea would be to use permanent marker or paint pens to add names or christmas sayings on the outside.

CD Christmas OrnamentCredit: SIlly Eagle Books

 6. Recycled CD or DVD christmas ornament

Another "green" preschool christmas craft!


-old CD or DVD


-Hot glue or rubber cement (for attaching ribbon)

-regular glue

-Sequins, stickers, and other "pretties" to glue on the CD


Invite your preschooler to go to town gluing and sticking on all the things they would like to make this ornament special.  Then an adult can hot glue the ribbon on the back.  These ornaments make great christmas gifts, especially for your "green" friends.

Paper SnowflakesCredit: TimeForTea3 on Flickr

7. Paper Snowflakes

All you need to make the ubiquitous paper snowflake is paper and scissors.  Have fun folding up the paper in all different ways and cutting snip off, and then unfolding to see what you've created!  I think many of us did this simple craft in our childhood, and sometimes they oldies are the goodies!