Other than being a mobile phone, the iPhone is quite obviously the ultimate entertainment device. We are definitely seeing more music-making apps being released on this platform in the past year or two. In no particular order, these are the 10 must-haves apps to get.

Xewton Music Studio

xewtonCredit: http://newsodrome.com/instrument_news/ios-music-studio-gets-line-6-midi-mobilizer-support-21131398

If you are a hard-core amateur musician that needs a portable music studio for on-the-spot audio production, then you know this $20 is a gift. The brilliance of this app lies in its sound quality of the mix using the 21 instruments included in the app.

AmpliTube 2

amplitube iphoneCredit: http://www.macosxaudio.com/front/2010/05/ik-announces-amplitube-irig-for-iphone/

Wish to rock out but cannot afford the expensive equipment? Perhaps the AmpliTube iPhone app is for you - all you need to do is plug any electric or acoustic guitar into your iPhone via the iRig adapter and you can jam away to an entire pedal board’s worth of tones and effects. The app even allows you to import songs  to play along with in your own privacy.


groovemakerCredit: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/review/groovemaker1/

GrooveMaker is ideal for that upcoming house party (DJ set) you've been planning. If you're into house, hip-hop and drum 'n bass style music (mixing loops and samples into endless differing arrangements and combinations) then GrooveMaker is definitely worth yout time.

Users will find a convenient mixer-like environment with large slider controls for volume, pan and master volume of the 8 controllable loop tracks, plus instant access to tempo, solo and mute functions all on the same screen. Cool.


morphwizCredit: http://www.morphwiz.com/about.php

Morphwiz is a feature-packed music app  that allows anyone to play an instrument but without the need for an instrument or the skills to play it. Designed by synthesis expert Jordan Rudess, the app provides users with a visual approach to subtractive synthesis, but Morphwiz is much more than just a simple synth toy. Try it, you'll love it.


ampkitCredit: http://www.kvraudio.com/news/peavey_electronics_and_agile_partners_join_forces_to_launch_ampkit_iphone_app_and_ampkit_link_electric_guitar_interface_14496


Just like Amplitube, AmpKit provides a complete guitar studio on your iPhone. By tweaking around with the different amps and effects, one can get almost any guitar sounds they want, ranging from ultra clean to thrash metal. The AmpKit Link needs to be purchased seperately in order to plug the guitar into the phone.


digidrummerCredit: http://www.downloadcheapapp.com/digidrummer-free-iphone-app-46252.html

Of all the drum apps I've tried, I liked this app the most because it's one to be the easiest and most responsive to play with. The drum set is laid in such a way you can play the bass and snare drums with your left hand while your right hand palys those hi-hats and cymbals. And the sound quality of the sampled drum sounds is just incredibly realistic and high-quality. Whether you are an air drummer or an amateur drummer, you will enjoy this great app.


ocarina appCredit: http://www.iphonespies.com/iphone-news/iphones-ocarina-is-best-paid-app-at-apple-app-store/

Being the first true 'musical instrument' created for iPhone, this nifty app literally turn your iPhone into a flute without any hardware modification. Just like an original flute, you blow into the phone's microphone and use your fingers to hold down combination of holes on-screen to make music. The visualisation of this app is also very well done.

One other cool thing about this app is also in the sharing: one can easily go to the globe view and see where people in other parts of the world are playing their Ocarinas. Aren't you sold?

Virtuoso Piano

virtuoso piano(41890)Credit: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/virtuoso-piano-free-2-hd/id304075989?mt=8

Grade 9 pianists most probably won't be too impressed with this app, but I am sure nobody really look at iPhone as a real musical instrument in the first place.  If you are looking for a cool, free app to show your friends or just mess around when you've got some free time on hand, then there is no better app than this app. Have fun with this one!

DJ Virtualdeck

dj(41895)Credit: http://www.rawapps.com/106772/dj-virtualdeck/

If you can't afford an Akai MPC but still want to be dropping samples into your set, Virtualdeck is the answer for you. This software mimics a turntable and allows you to fast-foward, fast-rewind, beat mix, scratch and tune any audio sample you load. And the best thing is, it supports pretty much every music format out there.


itrumpCredit: http://theappwhisperer.com/2011/01/21/daily-ios-app-update-012111/

Is it silly to have a little electronic trumpet in your pocket? Not that I care! iTrump not only lets users play along with music in their iTunes library, but also with songs from the iTrump Songbook, and even shows them how. iTrump combines an instrument, band, and game into a single application.