4 of the Most Popular Teas

In modern times a cup of tea has almost become a way of life and a comforting habit that people all over the world can relate to.  We  have it with breakfast, lunch and often dinner in countries like the U.K, Sri Lanka and India and most will have it at work, right the way through the day.

Tea doesn't always have to be a work dodging tactic but more a relaxing ritual that should be enjoyed over time. When the word tea is mentioned many people would think of  milk and two sugars but there are so many to choose from and listed below are some of  the 10 best in the world!

1. English Breakfast Tea - Introduced by the British East India Company and imported from China in the mid 1700's, this was the first real tea to be drunk in Britain and  became a huge part of the Bristish economy. It comes as a black tea but is often drunk with milk and sugar. To continue the ever so elegant british way the tea bags can be added to a tea pot and kept warm with a wooly cosy which is purpose made. This can be a strong drink if taken black but will give you the caffeine kick you may need in the morning!

2. White Tea - Grown only in the Fujian Province. For those who are staying away from the temporary kick of caffeine and would like to opt for a softer and smoother option this is the one for you. White tea is lower in caffeine than most and is packed full of antioxidants. It is seeing a real increase in popularity due to it's taste and interesting processing methods that have been kept under lock and key.

3. Oolong Tea - Oolong tea is soothing both on a cold winters day and also as an ice cold, refreshing drink. It is said to aid weight loss by boosting the bodies metabolism, reduces cholesterol levels and contains high levels of antioxidants.

4. Chai Tea - Chai tea is another tea that is being praised and scrutinised at the same time when it's helath benefits are brought to light. It is proven to aid digestion and promote good intestinal health.

Of course there are hundreds of differnet flavours and leaves to try and these are just some of the most popular. When you try the tea that is for you, you will know!