When you are choosing a dog, it is a decision that you really have to think about for some time. Once you have chosen your puppy from the litter you can’t take it back. It is not like choosing a pair of shoes and this is why you really have to take your time because it is a life time commitment that you are making.

Some people will be looking for a dog that they can look after and others will be looking for a dog that can look after them like a guard dog.

You may want something cute and cuddly or you may want a dog that is more practical like a guard dog. For some people they will just be after a family pet. Intelligence also comes into play for some of us. There are some dog breeds which are a lot more intelligent than others.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this. You need to devoted your time to this because you dog may become frustrated if he doesn’t get enough stimulation.

Let's look at 10 of the most intelligent dogs

  • Border Collie – Border Collies are said to be the most intelligent dog breeds, but of course this is always up for debate. If you see him running around, knowing just how to round up those sheep you must know how much brain power that must take.

They have been known to cause a lot of damage, but they are also known to be the most delightful pet to have around the house and the family. They need a big area to roam around so this is no dog for a tiny apartment.


boarder collie


  • The Golden Retriever – A Golden Retriever is often used to lead the blind and saying that is just about enough to explain how intelligent they are. They have to go through an extensive training program for this and are fast learners.  They also make great family pets.
  • The Labrador Retriever – This is another dog that is also used as a guide dog so there has to be a certain amount of intelligence to be able to do this. In addition to this they usually fit right into any home and are easy to train, which is why they make great guide dogs.
  • German Sheperds – You have probably seen German Sheperds working alongside police officers on the force. They make great dog guards in this kind of situation and are not only intelligent, but are very loyal. They will be the one who will take the bullet in a particular situation.


german shepherd


  • Doberman Pinschers – The Doberman is definitely a smart breed, but it is known to be dangerous as well. If the owner knows how to treat the dog properly and dedicates enough time to him then you won’t have to worry about the aggressive factor. This is another dog that rates highly amongst guard dogs.
  • Rottweilers – Although, you have to know how to handle a Rottweiler because they are also on the most dangerous breed category list, you will find their intelligence shines through. Training these dogs is not a problem. There are special clubs that provide specific training for Rottweilers.
  • Toy Poodle – Toy Poodle are intelligent dog breeds and are known to have a personality which is totally self absorbed and which is very distinctive of the breed. They may be difficult to train, but once they are trained they will be as obedient as you like and you will discover how intelligent they actually are.
  • Shetland Sheepdog – also known as the Sheltie and known not only for their intelligence, but also for their loyal personality. Once they are trained you will see how intelligent they are. They make great pets and companions, displaying a lively personality with an abundance of affection towards everyone in the family.

They are also hard workers, known for bringing in the herds in a very vocal way, but this can be toned down by the appropriate training.

  • The Australian Cattle Dog – also nicknamed the Queensland Heeler, the Red Heeler and the Blue Heeler. As the name tells us, it was first known to round up cattle, which it was able to do with all its energy.

This is why it needs a lot of exercise and specific jobs and would be suited to a farm.  They are clever in the way they are able to learn new tricks and are easily trained. You need to give them attention or let them run around otherwise they will cause chaos.

  • Papillon – The Papillon is a nice looking, friendly and happy-go-lucky sort of dog. They are happy enough whether they are living in a smaller space or a massive garden.

With regards to intelligence you will soon find that they excel in obedience training and this is a dog that you will usually see come out tops at many dog shows. The Papillon is an active type of dog always on the look out for little field mice and moths, but he is not too demanding.