A Little Bit About Sad Songs

     Sad songs, despite being sad are listened and loved by many. Sure they're songs which could bring tears to the eyes of those whom listen to them. Particularly if they've ever experienced anything at all that the song is talking about with the lyrics. Songs after all are all about emotions.

     Lyrics, if they don't have some sort of meaning and they're not funny, then it's unlikely they'd be listened to. Except perhaps by children or those who just listen to music for the rhythm rather than the song itself.

    Most who listen to sad songs do so because they've experienced loss either in the form of a relationship, or an important person or pets life. Sad times will come and go, but music is forever and can help to release the pain in a healthy outlet.



Ten Great Sad Songs That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


1. You Can Let Go

     The song You Can Let Go by Crystal Shawanda is a sad song as it deals with a daughter growing up who tells her father he can let go now. He no longer has to help her, then its time for him to let her go so she can get married. Finally however, which is the most tear wrenching part of all is the end where the father is dying and the daughter tells him he can let go now.

     Life is full of so many sad and happy moments. For the father he would have felt heartache that his daughter was growing up so fast and getting married. For the daughter, it would be seeing her father getting ill and then having to let him go, so that he could let go. That way he'd no longer be suffering.

     The song as a whole, especially to children who've lost their fathers You Can Let Go by Crystal Shawanda is a song of both memorial and anguish.

2. Dance with My Father

     Dance with My Father as sung by Luther Vandross is a song about loss. It's also about the anguish a child feels when they think about their father after they're gone. The wish to dance with ones father again is a forlorn wish that cannot come true, save for in ones dream. This, because their father has died and will never return home to the haven of his wife and child's arms.

3. Teen Angel

    Mark Dinning sang a melancholy song, Teen Angel is a mournful song where a young girl of sweet sixteen lost her life in an accident. Had she not valued something her one true love gave to her, she may have lived and not left behind the one who'd given it to her.

    It's most painful for those still alive who loved them with all their heart to go on after they're gone. It's enough to break ones heart and will surely have listeners shedding a tear or two, if not a flood.

4. He Stopped Loving Her Today

    Melancholy songs don't always have to do with death, but many of them certainly do. He Stopped Loving Her Today as sung by George Jones is no exception. However its supposedly a happy ending. Yet the man who stopped loving her today was only smiling the smile of death as he lay peaceful in his coffin. Until the end he still loved a woman who didn't love him back and only once he'd died did she ever show up to visit. The most mournful part of the song is not that the man died, but that he died never having had his love returned or finding a new love. Perhaps it was a heartsickness that led to his last breath in this sad song.

5. Who You'd Be Today

    Who You'd Be Today which was sung by Kenny Chesney explores the saddest phrase in all the world, 'what if'. After the death of a beloved person one wonders later, years down the road what and who they'd be one day. Especially if they were young when they left the world in a mournful state, inspiring forlorn songs.

6. Last Kiss

     Pearl Jam sang a song full of mournful regret. The song was Last Kiss. It was about a man taking his girlfriend out on a date, when they were in an accident. He lived, but she did not and he tells about sharing their last kiss. It was that moment that he realized that this was his one true love, but unfortunately it was not to be. The surviving member of the couples only hope is to be good so that one day he too can go to heaven and see her again.

7. My Immortal

    My Immortal as sung by Evanescence is a hauntingly despondent song about the ghost of a lover not giving their living lover peace. The shadows of the living lovers memory keeps them from moving on, no matter how much they wish to. The memories of the now gone still linger, making life difficult for the one left behind, still in pain from the loss.

8. Slipped Away

    Another mournful song which will bring tears to ones eyes is the song Slipped Away sung by April Lavigne. The forlorn song is about the feeling that it just couldn't have been real. However when it was found not to be fake the only thing left was the pain and a realization. The realization that nothing would ever be the same again.

9. Here Without You

    3 Doors Down sang the forlorn song, Here Without You. The narrator of the song is thinking about the miles that separate him and the one he loves. It's unclear whether it was just a breakup, or if the one he calls baby passed away. However the saddest line of the mournful song is, 'But you're still with me in my dreams. And tonight girl its only you and me.'

10. I'll See You Again - Westlife

    The song I'll See You Again as sung by Westlife is another mournful song. The person mentioned in the song is loved by someone still alive. The one who still lives know the person is gone and that they'll never see them again, but somehow still derives strength from the one who has passed. Although the one who they love is gone, they feel like they're still near and that hopefully can hear them.