Car(42375)Credit: Fatty wakes up in the morning, eats breakfast, enters his car and off he goes a few miles away to work, where as usual, tries to find a parking spot - the nearer to the office, the better. Then, he spends eight hours at the office, drinking coffee and eating some junk food. In the meantime, he takes a couple of breaks to keep fit, for example, he goes to pick up his drinks or take a pee. After 5 p.m. he heads to his car and drives back home, where for most of his time, will be lying on the sofa and watching TV.

Does it sound familiar? Do you, by any chance, have something in common with Mr. Fatty?

There’s a solution for you! The idea is to always park at least one mile away from your work. Here’s what you’ll get from it.

There’s a solution for you! The idea is to always park at least one mile away from your work. Here’s what you’ll get from it:

  1. Everybody wants to park near the office, which makes it very hard to find the free spot. If you volunteer to park one mile away, you’ll have much less trouble with parking.
  2. Parking a mile away means that you’ll burn less fuel. In 20 days (1 work month) you’ll drive 40 miles less, which means almost a gallon saved per month in Toyota Prius or 3 gallons per month in Dodge Viper. That’s up to 3 Whoopers more to eat in a month!
  3. If you walk 2 miles a day, you’ll burn 200 calories. Assuming that your weight is about 200 pounds, these 3 additional Whoopers won’t affect it at all.
  4. You’ll need 20 minutes to walk a mile from your car to your office and then another 20 minutes to get back to the car. That’s 40 minutes you’ll need to squeeze from your daily schedule. This means that you need to wake up a bit earlier, and leave home earlier - which is good, because when you start your engine, everybody else will be still eating their breakfasts, which means less traffic, so you can enjoy your driving without any stress.
  5. Knowing that you have a 20-minute walk makes you feel safer that you’ll always be on time. Even if you get stuck in the traffic, you’ll have 20 minutes more to get to the office. If you drive slower, you’ll just need to walk a bit faster.
  6. Your body will take a break from carrying things around. Before taking your 17’’ laptop with you, you’ll think twice if you really need it. That means, you’ll have less things to carry, your gear will wear longer, and you won’t have to worry that some jerk will steal it from you.
  7. If you happen to go to the shop during your work, you’ll also think twice before doing it. Do you have so much free time to get to the car and then drive to the shopping centre? Or do you really need to walk to the nearby store, which is horribly overpriced, that much? Your boss will be glad too.
  8. After a while (I mean a few weeks), you’ll feel you’re much fitter - you’ll be able to play longer with your kids, which will help you to bond with them. Moreover, your heart will be very pleased.
  9. You’ll learn the neighborhood. I have been walking for a few months now and I’m still quite impressed how different the world looks when walking and driving. Believe me, it’s much prettier!
  10. You’ll also learn that you can get to many places without a car, which will lower the desire to change your wheels so often - you’ll save thousands of dollars with that.

As a bonus, if you forget about the three mentioned Whoopers, you can even start losing your weight. Slowly, but steadily. Isn’t that great?