The steps to help you dominate

The following steps aim to help you dominate on call of duty black ops. By reading through each step and implementing the advice in this article you are taking your first steps to dominating the world of online call of duty. This is by no means a definitive guide, however it provides some of the top 10 steps to improving your game play and make your black ops experience much more enjoyable. Practice does make perfect and learning these 10 steps will give you the edge to succeed and dominate online call of duty black ops.


1. Get your knife out!

Slashing with your knife is faster than drawing your gun

Many times players will die as they charge down a corridor and are surprised by an enemy rounding a corner, the immediate reaction is to try to shoot your opponent. However this takes time, you have to stop the sprinting motion, raise your gun and pull the trigger. If your opponent is doing the same thing then it’s a 50/50 chance and you have to hope you were quicker to react. If your opponent wasn’t sprinting then you don’t stand a chance. Learn to forget your gun and instead as you sprint slash with your knife. Chances are your opponent will still be raising their gun by the time you have knifed them and continued on in your hunt for domination.

2. Find your favourite gun

Most players will find they have a preferred gun

It sounds simple however each person has their own favourite gun and variation of a gun through attachments. Experiment with all the different guns that call of duty black ops has to offer and then stick to your two favourite guns. Use your customisation slots to make different variations of the two guns to suit certain maps. For example my two favourite guns are the Commando and the Ak47. Both are assault rifles and I use the precision scope on all of my variations. However on some I will also have a extended magazine to reduce my reloads or I may have a silencer added on to increase my stealth capabilities.

3. Reload less

Don't leave yourself open while reloading

I can’t stress this enough. Reload less! The amount of times I will come across a player as they reload is amazing, and easy pickings. Learn to manage your magazine and spray less. You shouldn’t need to reload after every kill. Try to keep your reloads to after every 2-3 kills, unless you were caught unaware and spray bullets all over the place.

4. Use your sights

Shoot straighter by aiming down your sights

Call of duty black ops actually helps you when you aim down the sights. Not only does it improve your accuracy significantly, the game itself also slightly traces the players movements for you. Use your sights as often as possible. If you don’t like the guns standard sights add on an attachment such as the red dot sight or precision scope to improve your aiming capabilities.


5. Know your style

Understanding your own stype of play is a key element for improvement

Are you a rusher, a defender or a camper? Understanding how you prefer to play the game is a key way to improving your online performance. Analyse yourself as you play the game and it wont take long to determine the type of player you are.

6. Memorise the maps

Use the map to your advantage

Having a good understanding of the map layout, the different directions your enemies will come from and even short cuts will drastically improve your score and capabilities as you play on online. Many players will do this without even thinking about it, however if you can consciously take note of different points of interest or areas where you may gain an edge you will find yourself becoming much more competitive.

7. When in Rome, Camp!

It may not be pretty, yet it is some times necessary

As the saying goes, if everyone else is camping you will simply be cut down every time you try to charge through to your objective. Play smart and don’t simply charge camping enemies. Utilise your flash bangs and radar kill streaks to pick off campers. If this can’t be done then pitch your tent and set up camp in the best place you can find. A hot tip is to plant a claymore behind you in case you are caught unaware. 


8. Utilise perks

Perks are key to giving you an edge

Effectively utilising perks is a great way to give yourself an edge over other call of duty players. For example enabling the perk that hides you from your enemies radars is great, but only if you intent to play covertly. If you are going to rush the enemy and play aggressively the best perk is the hardline perk that reduces your kill streak requirements by 1 kill. This will allow you to use your kill steaks earlier and call in all sorts of trouble for your opponents.

9. Throw those grenades

If you have it, throw it!

So many players simply forget that they have both primary and secondary grenades. If you see enemies on your map throw a grenade in that direction. Even if your grenade does get them the distraction will often be advantageous. Secondary grenades such as flash bangs and concussions are great for entering buildings or rounding suspicious corners, throw those grenades are charge the corner, more often that not you will catch your opponent by surprise and if your lucky they will be suffering from the effects of your secondary grenades.

10. Become effective with secondary weapons

Yes, you can shoot down spy planes

As you progress through the ranks of online call of duty black ops there are some great secondary weapons that become available. Rocket launchers are great for taking care of enemy helicopters and spy planes (yes you can shoot these down!). Another great secondary weapon is the cross bow that shoots off an explosive arrow. This can be highly effective against camping players.

Final Comments

Now that you have read the 10 steps to dominating call of duty black ops online think back to the steps described in the article as you play online and try to implement them into your game play. Remember, reload less, knife more and use your sights. The rest is up to you. Happy gaming!

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