Are you doing these things? Watch out!

Boys will be boys! We will try everything to get with that one fine girl. Over the years I have seen others and done some of the things I'm about to talk about. One of the big problems is that we are using logic from our perspective to become her man.  We don't look at the situation from a woman's point of view.

Here are things that I have seen guys do to try to impress the women which almost never works.

1. Guys will compliment her to death an example "oh your shirt looks really nice" or "wow nice shoes".  The occasional compliment is okay but don't go overboard its bloody annoying!

2. The guy who always agrees with her opinion on practically everything. I guess the guy is trying to make her think that they both think alike. This can backfire because girls can tell when a guy is not being genuine. Not only that, you can get caught later down the line if you say something that is opposite to her opinion which you agreed upon earlier.

3. Another type of man is the one who tries to buy her. This one almost always ends up badly. What this shows is that you are compensating for one or many weak characteristics of yourself. An example would be a crappy personality or not having good looks. You can't buy anyone.  She may be at your side but her heart is somewhere else!

4. Getting into fights to prove how tough you are.  You would think that by the time a guy is past his teens he would get it. I've been around a lot of girls and I've yet to hear any of them say to their girlfriends "wow he is so tough, the way he beat that other guy up...i'm in love"

5. Dependability to a tee. What I mean is that when she rings the bell just like Pavlov's dog he will start salivating and come running to her ASAP. His schedule is always clear for her no matter what. He may have other commitments but he'll break them if necessary just to be near her.

6. The guy who hardly flirts with other girls in front of her because he is afraid of offending her.

If you look it from a girl's point of view a person who follows these points is not a man but a pet and normal girls don't date pets..they keep them as friends.