The best part of writing an Internet article is being able to hit the publish button. You've worked hard to research your topic and keywords. You've created a set of words that tell your story and now it's time to release it into the wild to search for readers. Publish, but don't stop now!

There are a few simple steps to take after you publish to: protect, promote, propagate and profit from that brand new InfoBarrel Internet article.

Things You Will Need

You need the same tools you used to create that gem of writing splendor, and a few minutes per step.

Save this checklist for future reference, and apply it to each article you write.

Step 1

Check your ads - Google places ads around your InfoBarrel article based on analysis of content. It can take a while for Google to settle on the type of ads that fit your article; but it can happen quickly. Do an ad check over the first day or so to see what you are getting.

If your ads match your topic and keywords, then take a bow for a job well done. If the ads are too general, or miss your target, then it's likely that Google is connecting with words other than your desired keywords. Time to adjust the words. If the ads follow the wrong theme, look over your article for the words that Google is picking up on and change them.

Hit the refresh button and look at the ads. Repeat this a couple of times to see all the ads that Google is matching with your content. Google spreads the love and rotates add positions among advertising bidders.


Step 2

Track the article's URL - You want to know if readers are seeing your article and hopefully clicking the displayed ads. Google Adsense allows you to track up to 200 specific URL sites (articles, blogs, web sites, etc.); Google calls them channels. If you have more than 200 articles, you can track all of the InfoBarrel activity in your account with one URL. I strongly recommend using the articles URL to track your new InfoBarrle article, at least for a while so you can watch, learn and adjust.

Step 3

Blurb your article - A blurb is a short summary of your article that is posted along with the URL on blurb sites. A blurb only takes a few minutes to create and does several things for you and your article:

- A link, or more properly a backlink, to your article is created on a new site.

- Your article summary is introduced to the community on the blurb site.

- Google hears about your article URL and some of the keyword content from another site.

- Google often scans the blurb site as fast or faster than your article site

Three popular blurb sites for article writers are: Xomba, SheToldMe and RedGage.

Step 4

Share it - Ideally your readers will love your article and share it through bookmarking sites and social networking sites. Don't wait for somebody else to share your article! Be the first to bookmark it. At a minimum, you should use StumbleUpon and Digg.

Don't forget to enter your twitter information in your Infobarrel account; when the article goes live, it will automatically post a link to your article on your Twitter profile.

These are simple to do and only take a minute or two.

Step 5

Send Emails - Develop a list of friends, family and other people interested in you and your activities. Send them an Email with the link to your new article. Don't copy and send the whole article. You want them to click the link and read it directly from the article site. Hopefully they'll forward the link to some of their friends.

Step 6

Do a next day review - After you've published your article, let a day or so pass, and read it on-line again. While you are creating, you get so comfortable with the words that you lose perspective. After a day or so, you'll have more clarity, and generally will find a typo or word tweak to improve your article.

Step 7

Plan a connected InfoBarrel article - Clusters of articles on a topic often work better for authors than stand alone articles. What else do you have to say on the topic? Create a second article and you can cross link the articles. You also get another shot at your keywords.

If you already have a related InfoBarrel article then cross link with your latest creation.

Step 8

Do a companion article in another platform - If you write for another article platform like HubPages, or TheInfoMine, then put your research to work and get double the value. Think about how you can recast or rewrite this article again. Do not think about copying the article; don't copy paragraphs; don't even copy sentences. You are a writer, so rewrite it with a slightly different slant. After you publish this article, cross link the two articles to get cross platform readership.

Step 9

Make a backup copy - Don't rely on your old notes and drafts. Copy and paste your published articles content to a word processor on your PC. Protect yourself with a good copy of your InfoBarrel article.


Step 10

Do a one month review - Let some time go by and then circle back and see how your article looks and reads. One of the nicest parts of Internet article writing is that we can go back and change, improve and update. Check your ads. Do some new promotion.

You worked hard on your InfoBarrel Internet article. Hit the publish button with pride. Don't stop there. Follow these 10 easy steps and your article will be better protected, promoted and hopefully more profitable.