Going camping is always fun and adventurous, however nothing can spoil a camping trip faster than having it rain on you while you are camping. If it starts to rain on you and you are not ready, not only could it ruin your trip, but it could also ruin equipment if you don’t dry them out properly. Here is a list of 10 tips that will help you if you are caught camping in the rain.

Watch your surroundings

Nature will sometimes give you clues that it is getting ready to rain. Sometimes the wind can start blowing as the barometer begins to drop. Sometimes the animals will start to act weird such as birds flying before a cold front, dogs acting strangely, or animals taking cover.

Watch out for lightning

If you are camping in the rain, very few things are as dangerous as being caught in a lightning storm. If you are close to your car, you should go to it and wait out the storm. That would be your safest option since tents offer no protection against a lightning strike. If you are camping in the woods, try to stay away from any branches that could fall on top of your tent.

Watch the slippery areas

It doesn’t have to rain very much to make things slippery to walk on. Sometimes it is hard to tell if something is wet just by looking at it because some things can look dry even when they are wet.

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Because of this it is possible to slip and injure yourself while you are hiking. To protect yourself from injury, try to wait a day after it rains to give everything enough time to dry out. If that isn’t an option then wear closed toe shoes with plenty of ankle support. Look for a stick that you can use as a hiking stick to help you keep your balance. Make sure the items in your backpack are evenly distributed. This will also help you keep your balance while you are hiking.


Even if the temperature is fairly warm, Getting soaked by rain during a downpour can cause your core body temperature to fall rapidly. To avoid this try to keep as dry as you can by staying in a tent and keeping warm. A wool blanket will keep 80% of its heat retaining abilities if it gets wet and can help keep you warm if you can’t start a fire.

Keep the campfire burning

A fire will provide you with warmth and protection and it will help you dry out anything that might have gotten wet. Keep your fire wood as dry as you can and throw a few large logs onto the fire to help shield the fire from the rain. If you do that, the fire should be fine while it rains.

Choose a high spot

Sometimes a place can look safe and dry when it first starts to rain, but it can flood really fast if it rains for any length of time. Most of the newer tents are designed to stay dry even if they are partly submerged in water, however finding a high spot will help keep you safe and dry from possible flooding.

Bring lots of plastic bags

Storing everything that you need to keep dry in plastic bags will protect them from getting wet. A garbage bag can be used to put wet cloths in to help keep the rest of your items dry. Just remember to let them dry out as soon as you can to prevent mold and mildew from setting in and ruining them.

Keep a change of cloths dry

Put a change of cloths in a plastic bag so that if your backpack and the cloths get wet you will have a change of dry cloths that will help keep you dry and warm. This will also help protect you from getting hypothermia and keep your moral higher than if you were soaking wet.

Put a Tarp underneath the tent

Tent ground tarp's are placed directly on the ground and act as a barrier between the ground and your tent. This will help protect the tent and keep it dry from the wet ground if you find yourself camping in the rain.

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Rain ponchos

If you must so some hiking while it is raining, a rain poncho will help keep you and the cloths that you are wearing dry. This will help protect you from getting hyperthermia when you can’t rely on a campfire to help keep you warm.

By following these simple steps, you can help protect yourself from the elements if you find yourself camping in the rain, and prevent the weather from ruining your camping trip. 

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