Dieting can help us lose that unwanted pounds. But it can also be very dangerous and we may experience harmful side-effects. And the last thing one want when dieting is to get bad experiences from it. So to avoid getting hurt and having bad dieting experiences, there are some things that one should consider before dieting. Here are the top 10 things that you should keep in mind before going on your next diet.Food pyramid

  1. Understand the risks and dangers involved with dieting - Dieting does involve some risks and angers, and you have to become aware of it before you go on a new diet, especially on diets like the liquid protein diet, which can be dangerous if you don't know the risks.
  2. Consult with your doctor - Your doctor will help you decide if the diet is right for you as and individual. She will also be able to tell you whether it would impose any risks to you.
  3. Choose a diet menu that is healthy and balanced - You should make sure that your chosen diet includes different foods and that it is healthy.
  4. Stay hydrated - As most of the weight loss comes from water loss, it is very important to drink enough fluids during your diet to avoid becoming dehydrated.
  5. Don't exercise too hard while dieting - Because your calories will be limited, you will have to do lighter exercise (because you will be taking in less calories) than before.
  6. Don't go on crash diets for too long - Crash diets are not balanced nor are they healthy. So try to limit the time that you go on them (or try to avoid them completely)
  7. Try to include fat burning foods - If you include fat burning foods in your diet, you will increase your chances of fat loss.
  8. Choose diets that learn you healthy eating habits over fad diets - Diets that teach you healthy eating habits for life will leave you thin, where fad diets are bound to have you picking up all the weight you lost.
  9. Take a break if you have bad side effects - If you experience bad side effects, take a break from dieting. And you still experience that side effects when you start the diet again, consider stopping your diet altogether.
  10. Don't go back to your old habits after dieting - If you go back to your old eating habits then you will surely pick up all the weight that you lost through your diet. So eat healthy and stick to portion sixes and you will keep the weight off.

If you follow the tips I gave you when going on your next diet, you will have fewer side effects and you will make sure that your diet is healthier and safer. Try to the limit the amount of times that you are dieting by following a healthy eating plan and by sticking to portion sizes. That way you won't even have a need to diet, as you will be following a long term dieting strategy instead of a short term one.