10 tips to Planning a Christmas Party!

The holidays should be a fun and stress free time for everyone, but sometimes planning the annual Christmas party cane be more stressful then it is enjoyable. Try using the tips provided in the guide below to make this years Christmas party a great success.

Planning a Christmas Party!Christmas Party Planning Tips

1. Make sure to invite people at least a couple of weeks in advance. People are invited to many parties around this time of the year, so make sure you get your invitation to them before everyone else does.

2. Why not consider having a themed party. For instance, why not have everyone come over to help decorate the tree. Each person can bring an ornament of there own to add some uniqueness to your tree. Or another theme can be a cookie exchange party where everyone must bring a batch of cookies to share with the guests.

3. Make sure to start your housecleaning about a week in advance. This will give you time to prepare for other more important party related things on the day of the event.

4. Start a checklist for all of the things you need to have complete for your party.

5. Do not forget your camera. Why not take pictures of your guests throughout the night, and give them each a copy of photos of them. This will be a great keep sake for your guests.

6. Remember to clean your fridge. This will provide you with space for drinks and food for your party. The last thing that you want to do while guests start to show up is have to make room in your fridge.

7. Kepp your snacks as simple as possible. Skip the foods that are messy and take a lot of time to prepare. Serve meats, cheese and vegetables that are already prepared at the grocery store.

8. Always have non-alcoholic beverages available for your guests that don't drink or are the designated driver for the evening. Serve hot chocolate, eggnog, punch etc.

9. Make your eveny a pot luck. Why not ask your guests to bring an appetizer and make this night a group effort.

10.Be Responsible. Try not to serve to many drinks at the end of the night and have a taxi cab number handy for your guests.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget to have your Christmas Music organized in advance. If you don't already have a nice collection of music it can be difficult to come across last minute!

Remember to enjoy yourself.

Try not to stress about things throughout the night and just HAVE FUN!