1. Give to others.

No matter how difficult life has been, no matter how poor you are, there si something you can give to others. This helps them, and it also helps you; it will make you feel good about your self, and take your mental focus away from your own problems.

Some people like to donate money to a good cause or a well-known charity. This way, you can be part of something that makes a huge impact. However it can mean that you don't really feel involved personally, and don't see the impact of what you do. How about giving a pound to the beggar on the street, or buying a gift for someone you know?

Even if you can't afford to give financially, or material things, maybe you could give your time. be there to listen to someone's problem, go and volunteer, or help an elderly person with their garden.

There are many ways in which you can give out to other people. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, or take lots of time, it will help them, and it will make you feel good.

Who knows there may also be a return favour - but even if not, you will reap the benefit of knowing you've done something good.

2. Think about the right things

What we think about shapes who we are and how we feel . if we spend hours mentally dwelling on a problem, it just seems to get bigger. Worry never helped anyone.

One thing I find very helpful is to make a list of all the things I have to be grateful for; especially at times when I am feeling down. There is always something, even if it is only the fact that you are alive, but the more you think about it, the more you will see good things, people, and events in your life. Gratitude is a good attitude.

3. Be proactive

The feeling of helplessness is depressing. if there is something you can do to make your life better, do it. If there is someone you can talk to about things, go and see them. Read a book that may help. If you lack skills, find out about college courses, look for information on the web, or buy a book on the subject. If you've argued with someone, or if they have hurt you, go and talk to them. Even if it doesn't go as you would have hoped, you will feel better for knowing that you have done all that you could.

4. Be optimistic

A lot of stress and worry is about things that never actually happen. Often we hurt ourselves by assuming things will go badly, when there is no evidence to suggest this at all. Expect the best. Very often we do get what we expect to get. Optimism shows too, it will make you a more positive person to be around, and people like positive people. They are more likely to help. Sadly people will avoid those who are pessimistic and miserable.

5. Other People

Humans are social animals and we need the company of other people.  When someone is feeling depressed, even the most superficial contact with another person can lift their spirits a little. loneliness is something we all dread and avoid, yet tend to sink into when we are feeling low. So talk to someone.

Surround yourself with the right people. We all know people who always upset us, or just bore us to tears! Choose your friends wisely. You do not have to like everyone. Choose to do yourself a favour and spend time with people who you enjoy being with. Choose friends you can trust. Choose people with whom you have interests in common. Choose those who add to your life.

6. Go outside, or just

Imagine a walk in the park, with the sun shining, the duck quacking in the pond, and the trees waving overhead, beautiful scenery, flowers blooming. How could you be unhappy in those surroundings?

Do you have a garden? Gardening is a great way to get active, and also spend some time outdoors - and you can grow food too.

7. Be creative

Some of us write, some paint, draw, knit, sew or make flower arrangements. There is something very satisfying about producing something that others will enjoy. Try it. Even if the result isn't amazing you may just enjoy the process.

8. Be authentic

Be who you really are. Don't pretend to be someone else to fit in with the crowd. Find a crowd that you fit into. Don't do what everyone else does. Decide who you want to be.

You do not have to like the same things as everyone else. What do you like?

If you are trying to be someone else, you will just end up feeling jealous, insecure, and inferior. But you are already the only you ever created. be the best version of yourself you can be. Never try to copy other.

9. Smile.

If all else fails, just try to smile -it may just become a habit.