Internet marketing
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A summary of how you can earn some extra income while spending time on the internet.

While I was surfing the internet last week and looking for new serial dramas to watch, a thought struck me; "wouldn't it be great if the time I spent on the internet could lead to some extra cash?"

That episode led me on a journey to seek out ways to earn some extra cash online. I have summarized my findings here.

Depending on your personality and how much you want to earn, there are various methods people have used to make money online.

Entertain others

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1. Youtube

Difficulty level: Medium

If you have a talent or you love to entertain people, consider Youtube. From sharing song covers to creating humorous video clips, many Youtube stars have been rising up recently. Start with a cheap camera with the ability to record both video and sound. Monetize your video views using Youtube's "Monetize With Ads" options.

Some examples of Youtube stars include nigahiga, Kurt Hugo Schneider  and night owl cinematics.

Share your thoughts and feedback

2. Surveys

Difficulty level: Low

There are various survey sites online that would pay you to answer surveys. Depending on the target group they need to survey, the length and depth of the survey, the payout would vary.

Some sites payout in cash after you have answered a certain number of surveys. Others pay out in terms of goods and services that you can exchange for, using points that you accumulate for filling out the surveys.

3. Blog

Difficulty level: Low

If you like to let people know how you feel, what you ate, or your experiences, consider blogging. Bloggers who are able to attract high readership can negotiate with advertisers who would love to place their ads on your blog.

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Be a middleman

4. Affiliate Marketing

Difficulty level: Medium

On top of sharing your thoughts and feedback, you can recommend products that you personally love to use. Some companies are willing to pay you a small fee, if you were to introduce new customers to their products or services.

As an affiliate, you play the role of a middleman who can link new customers to products. Remember, people buy from those they trust. So, be truthful and open about the strengths and flaws about the product/service that you are recommending.

5. Drop Shipping

Difficulty level: Medium

Drop shipping is the process where you play the role of the middleman and retailer, while the company that you partner with takes care of the administrative work. It is pretty similar to affiliate marketing, but is mostly done for physical products.

Your role is to sell and secure the orders from customers, and the manufacturer or wholesaler will handle the actual order. Doing so will allow you to earn the difference of the sales price and the wholesale price. Drop shipping gives you greater control over your possible earnings while affiliate marketing payouts are usually pre-defined by the manufacturer.

Provide your service

If you have a certain skill or talent that can translate to a desirable service, you can make money. Although I have only focused on skills related to the internet, the services you can offer are only bound by your imagination. Swim coaches and tuition teachers have been offering their services online for a long time.

6. Create Websites

Difficulty level: Medium

You can create websites for companies who are currently offline or are in need of a new website. Learning the basis of website creation is rather easy, just use Google or head down to your local library.

Being able to design a nice looking website is a bonus that customers would LOVE.

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7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Difficulty level: Medium - High

Similar to website creation, SEO can also be easily picked up. After buying or creating a website, companies would aim to have their websites on the first page of a Google search. Use your SEO skills to help companies rank well on Google, and earn some money doing so.

8. Generate Leads for Local Companies

Difficulty level: High

Generating Leads is basically the technical term for getting customers. This is requires skills from affiliate marketing and SEO, as well as other knowledge such as copywriting, list building and traffic generation. Also, you would have to look for local companies which are running offline or are currently unable to attract customers online.

The idea behind generating leads is similar to drop shipping. You have to obtain the contact details of prospective customers and your partner company will do the rest.

Communication and agreement on a contract are essential for this method to work.

Sell your own products

9. Create Information products

Difficulty level: High

Sell your knowledge by creating products for your customers. These products can range from a simple e-book to a more sophisticated membership website.

You have to learn to brand yourself and position your product as one that is highly desirable and valuable. One of the most common advice for information products that I have seen; Under Promise, and Over Deliver.

Creating information products is THE peak of earning money online. It would be like being a CEO of a company, if you were to compare the hierarchy of the corporate world with making money online.

To do this, you would have to incorporate many skills ranging from affiliate marketing, SEO, lead generation, and many others. 

10. Others

Difficulty level: Low

Be creative. With the growth of the internet and the number of users over the past few years, many dreams have become possibilities. Go to and check out what other people are offering. You can offer to sing a song, write a brand on a window, or even ask for a cup of coffee directly. The possibilities are limitless.

In conclusion

If you are up to earning some extra money while spending time on the internet, choose one of the methods mentioned above. If you need help, know that Google is there to assist you.

But, remember! As in all realities, making peanuts is easy but making millions needs time and effort. Depending on how much you want to make, put in the appropriate amount of effort, and I wish you all the best!