According to Prevent Blindness America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing vision problems in the U.S., around 50,000 people lose their eyesight, not because of hereditary reasons but because of eye care issues that could have been prevented. Most eye diseases, in fact, are preventable. It all depends, in great part, on whether you're taking good care of your eyes or not. Here are 10 things you can do to keep your sight healthy.

1. Say not to grease and sweets
Greasy foods like fast-food hamburgers and potato chips, as well as candy and other food with high sugar content contain omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatties contribute the occurrence of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), and eye disease that afflicts the elderly.

2. Daily dose of blueberries
Blueberries are the fruit with the most antioxidants. Having a cup of yogurt with extra blueberries on top each morning will help you prevent ARMD.

3. Red onions
Instead of cooking with yellow onions, try cooking with red ones. Red onions contain large doses of quercetin, an antioxidant that helps fight cataracts.

4. Take a daily multivitamin supplement
Studies have shown that women who take vitamin C supplements for ten years or more are 77% less likely to contract cataracts. Make multivitamins part of your daily diet. Make sure the supplement you take contains at least 150mg of vitamin C.

5. Point air conditioner away from your eyes
When you're taking a drive in your car, especially a long drive, make sure to aim the AC vents away from your eyes. If you have air going into your eyes for long periods of time, it can lead to corneal abrasions and dry-eye-syndrome.

6. Place computer screen below eye level
Moving your screen so that it's below your eye level will make sure that your eyes remain half-closed the whole time, thus preventing irritation and dry eyes.

7. Eat fish twice a week
Fish meat contains omega-3 fatty acids. These are great for preventing dry eye syndrome. If fish is not your thing, try taking fish oil supplements to get your dose of omega-3.

8. Get your sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes contain lots of vitamin A, which is great for improving your eye sight at night.

9. Eat spinach twice a week
Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. It contains, among other things, an abundance of a nutrient called lutein. Lutein prevents ARMD and cataracts. To maximize your lutein absorption, cook the spinach with olive oil.

10. Keep away from cigarettes
If you smoke, plan on quitting, and if you don't, keep it that way. Smoking is a major cause of cataracts, dry eye syndrome and glaucoma.

Not everyone can have perfect eyesight, some wear glasses or contacts. There are people who find that eye surgery is the way to go when you don't want to deal with the glasses or contacts. There are many sites that have Refractive Surgery Information for your use.