You have to change the way you eat and the way you live for weight loss.

The diet and the lifestyle that lead to weight gain cannot make you lose weight.

You have to make a few changes for the sake of successful weight loss.

What are the weight loss tips?

1. Japanese food

You can learn from the way the Japanese are eating.

They love to eat raw fish with Wasabi. If you cannot tolerate the thought of eating raw fish, you can steam or boil the fish.

The cooking method is an important factor in weight management. You can lose weight just by changing the cooking method.

2. Chinese Tea

You can drink Chinese Tea throughout the day.

Chinese Tea leaves are cheap and abundant. There are a variety of Chinese tea leaves in the market. You can try out different types of tea leaves every day.

3. Walk more and walk fast

You can take public transportation for a month.

You force yourself to walk more and walk fast in this case. You probably need to run after the train, since a minute difference can mean half an hour late for work.

Once you get into the habit of walking more and walking fast, you can maintain the weight loss permanently.

4. No sugar

Get rid of sugar from all the food you eat.

It is best to get rid of all processed food since processed food products have added sugar.

You should avoid drinking sugary beverages. You should avoid eating creamy cakes and ice cream for dessert.

Cakes and ice cream contain sugar.

Learn to eat bitter chocolate, and drink coffee without sugar. Learn to choose food without added sugar.

5. Freshly cut Chili

You can add freshly cut chili to your food.

For example, you can add freshly cut chili to the pizza or hamburger. The Asians use Chili to spice up nearly all their food.

For example, they use garlic and chili to enhance the taste of chicken rice. They add chili to the noodle.

6. Water

Drink a lot of water is the key to losing weight.

This works especially when you do not feel full after a hearty meal. Instead of ordering side dishes, you can ask for a glass of water.

The water causes the food to expand, and make you feel full.

The same logic goes to the kind of food you eat. You will feel full when you eat porridge. The water content makes you feel full, even though the calories in porridge are less than half the calories in a main course.

7. Healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast helps you to stay alert and lose weight.

You should not eat greasy food for breakfast. You should combine fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, and dairy products for breakfast.

For example, you can cook oatmeal, and add raisins and milk to the oatmeal. You can eat a banana for the mid morning break.

8. Watch less TV

Those who watch less TV are generally slimmer than those who spend hours watching TV.

It is best to find something else to do in order to avoid spending 5 hours sitting in front of the TV.

If you could substitute an hour of TV watching with an hour of housework, that will make you lose weight.

Most of us hate to do housework, even though housework benefits us in so many ways.

9. Small servings

You can choose small servings for all the food you love to eat.

Instead of eating one whole bar of chocolate, you can eat just a mouthful.

Instead of eating one tub of ice-cream, you can eat a spoonful. Eating food in small quantity allows you to enjoy more varieties.

The Chinese enjoys Dim Sum meal. When you go to a restaurant serving Dim Sum, you are likely to order 10 or more small dishes. You eat just one mouthful of each dishes. You will drink Chinese tea to wash down each item.

That is why it is hard to gain weight when you eat in this manner.

10. Chinese food

When you learn to cook Chinese food, you will find that the Chinese know how to mix vegetables and meat in the right order.

For example, a soup contains pork spare ribs, red dates, green leafy vegetables, sesame oil and cashew nuts. This simple combination for a soup ensures the nutritional value of the soup.

A simple stir fried vegetables usually contain a bit of minced meat for taste. For example, dark leafy vegetables, mushroom, garlic, and a spoonful of minced meat. Meat is added to enhance the taste of green vegetables.

When the Chinese makes meatball, they add spices and vegetables. For example, garlic, vinegar, onion, water chestnut and minced pork to make meatball. It is called a meatball even though less than a third of it contains meat.

Chinese herbal soup makes use of roots, seeds and other parts of herbs to boil the meat. You can boil the soup without additional of meat.

If you are keen for exotic taste in Chinese herbal soup, you can see the additional of insects and animal parts, such as bees and the gall of a snake.

These weight loss tips require a change in dieting habit, lifestyle, and cooking method. You will find life more enjoyable when you have a chance to eat different food every day.