Your 10ft trampoline will still include all of the tools that you normally get when you buy a larger version with the only real difference being the smaller size. Make sure to buy a 10-foot trampoline with an enclosure. An enclosure is important because it greatly reduces the risk of injury on a 10ft trampoline because children and users will not be able to fall off of the device.

For safety purposes, you should always set up a trampoline on the grass--a fall will still hurt but the injuries will be less severe. An enclosure for a 10-foot trampoline is a great way to reduce the risk of injury and are easily installed. If you cannot afford to buy both the trampoline and enclosure at the same time, you can always try to order the enclosure at a later date online, but you will need to make sure that you order same size and manufacturer--an enclosure that is the right size but not the same manufacturer may not fit properly.

A 10-foot trampoline will not only provide your kids with loads of fun, but is also a good way to get exercise and stay in good health (and a sneaky way for the to get exercise without them really knowing it). Wooden playhouses and wooden climbing frames are also great sources for exercise and entertainment for children outdoors. Kids are often tempted to do nothing but sit like a couch potato in front of the television--bouncing and interacting is a great way to get them out and about. You can have some time to yourself and be confident that your kids are safely playing within their enclosed 10ft trampoline and enjoying the fresh the air rather than staying inside and having their eyes glued to a gaming console. If you child has become intrigued by gymnastics, they can try some basic exercises and moves on the trampoline to see if they want to pursue it or practice.

The trampoline will provide them with enough room to work on bouncing higher, doing flips, landing on their back and doing somersaults--perfect for every day gymnastics practice. You cannot, however, perform more complicated routines and advanced techniques on a small trampoline because many of them require that you move around the area more. You will have to purchase a larger trampoline if you wish to perform more advanced routines. If you know your child is quite serious about pursuing gymnastics, you will probably want to purchase the appropriate sized trampoline immediately rather than having to deal with the hassle of having to buy a new one later.

A 10Ft Trampoline is a solid investment regardless of whether you want it for fun, practice or exercise. The only negative to buying one is that it may just be too small for its intended purposes. You will need to carefully consider how you wish to use the trampoline and who will be using it. To save money in the long run, and if you have the space, it is always good to buy the larger size at the outset so your kids can grow into the trampoline and you will not have to buy a new one at a later date.